Impertinent questions


The NZ Herald has been the only organ to push the idea that Hilary Barry is heading for TVNZ’s Breakfast show, and recently added that she’ll be partnered by Jack Tame.

Some idiot has seen the TVZN Breakfast team having a drink on Friday night and drawn the conclusion that they must have been fired.

If true…

  • Is anyone going to mount a Save Rawdon’s job campaign?
  • Or does he go under the bus for Jack Tame?
  • And what about poor Nadine Two-fathers??
  • Nadine who?
  • Will she be sacrificed so old misery guts Hilary can have a job?

ooooh, THAT Nadine


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  • Wayne Hodge

    Who or what is a Jack Tame?

    • Gaynor

      A little boy pretending to be a man.

    • Cadwallader

      Far less stimulating than a Jack Daniels!

    • NahYeah

      A young fella that all of the girlies on TV at the moment blush and giggle and flirt with.

    • Jon Low

      Not a wild bloke.

    • Eiselmann

      He reports with glee at every disaster befalling America as he lives the high life as TV One US based reporter. He could just as easily be a reporter for ‘Hillary Clinton for President ‘news…with only the news we want you to hear

      Once made a comment on air that while his name sounded Maori he wasn’t but wished he was.

      Makes Verity on Paul Henry seem reasonable and balanced

      • Sideshow11

        He also said on the radio once that he couldn’t believe that his country New Zealand aloud builders the build houses that needed heating in winter . ZB kept playing it day in and day out for weeks after The hosk got back

    • Crowgirl

      Some guy who sets off my gaydar something shocking.

    • kayaker

      He lives in New York. Loving New York as passionately as I do, I cannot understand why anyone would want to leave there and come back to Auckland.

  • rantykiwi

    I can honestly say I never watched Breakfast. This three ring circus isn’t likely to convince me to do so in future either.

  • andrewo

    Who cares? Really.

  • Wayne Hodge

    I now know what a Jack Tame is. A mate rang me and told me. I am not impressed. If TVNZ does this, then they have sunk lower than I would have ever thought.

  • Kevin

    Rawdon is a dropkick,won’t be missed.

  • Sceptic59

    What happened to going to work in the morning?

    Morning TV is for the kids, put Sesame Street on

    • KatB

      Actually now that Channel 4 has become the Bravo channel some of the kids programmes have disappeared. I know that because some poor soul in the Naki here has started a petition to get the kids programmes back on so her kids have something to watch while she gets some chores done. What about, toys, colouring in books, DVDs, recording kids shows etc etc. So many options, but no, another whinge to the media.

  • XCIA

    Rorton reminds me of a sneaky schoolboy whom I brought up to date with reality many years ago. I really detest that man, so for me its good if he goes but really, Jack Tane?? If that’s the best they can do, then I won’t be switching back from the “Real Truth”.

  • Bob Dazzler

    Who the hell cares?

  • Gladwin

    They’re such a sorry lot I watch Paul Henry particularly now Hilary’s gone.Paul’s standin is also much better.

  • RightofSingapore

    What? Nadine Two Fathers?

    • Mighty1

      Double barrelled name.

  • Minnie Mouse

    Jack Tame is a wet blanket. Supposedly one of tvone’s rising stars. He’s the equivalent of giggling Toni Street imo. As for Barry- so what’s so fantastic about her that other people get the heave-ho?

    • Positan

      In all fairness, Street is considerably worse.

      • Minnie Mouse

        Agree. She drives me insane with her sickly sweet gushings. Time to move her on TVOne and find a really intelligent co-host.

        • kayaker

          Who’s the co-host? Streety or The Hosk?

  • jonno

    Ok so 19 people, including me so far, have commented on a truly pointless discussion about the appointment of talking heads to jobs on that TV fewer people are watching. Since when did we all start to give a toss?

  • kloyd0306

    Tame, like Smalley, is a liberal air head.
    I do so hope that Hillary Clinton is crushed in November just to see the look on Tame’s always smug face.

  • RockinBob625

    And how in the heck does TV3 not have a restraint of trade in place for Hilary B, given she must have been one of their highest paid employees. If they didn’t have one, then they deserve to fail.

    • dumbshit

      They probably figure that her presence on One will enhance Mr Henry’s ratings! Win win!

    • Jax

      She had 6 months it said somewhere – hence why she is taking a holiday.

  • wormsurgeon

    I vomit in my mouth everytime someone calls hilary ‘mate of the nation’.