If we listened to progressives the following changes would need to be made

So-called progressives have made lots of interesting observations over the years, but none more so than after the Brexit vote.

Stephen Franks elucidates their suggested constitutional changes:

A much younger and more beautiful friend tells me:
?According to my Facebook feed, Brexit has highlighted some obvious flaws in the democratic system. This is what I?ve learned these past few days:

(1) Votes should be weighted in favour of the professional and cosmopolitan classes ? (2) Better still, only the above classes should be allowed to vote at all, as the rest are either not uber-cool or can?t be trusted to know what?s good for them
(3) Exceptions to (1) and (2) would apply to anyone who identifies with being female, LGBT, of a non-Caucasian ethnicity or religious persuasion (other than Christianity or Judaism) or who has a physical or mental disability as that would be obviously discriminatory
(4) If anyone under 25 elects not to vote, it?s not their fault and they should be able to cast a late vote if they don?t like the outcome
(5) While we?re at it, anyone under 25 should get at least two votes, as they have more of a future than the rest of us
(6) If we must have a one person-one vote referendum, then MPs should be given a power of veto to prevent any Silly-Billyness
(7) Well, maybe not every MP ??

Stephen is joking but, sadly, the progressives aren’t.

It will go straight over the heads of those it is aimed at,?but remember people – democracy is broken.


– Stephen Franks