Maori Language Week


Credit: BoomSlang

It is Maori Language Week. As is usual, the mainstream media are sniffily showing their undying support by changing banners and putting up stories of no interest to anyone else, but show their caring cultural side.

No one is raising the terrible spectre of Maori imprisonment rates that continue to remain high despite a huge focus on things Maori?in all levels of government. It seems that Maori TV, Maori Language Week, special privileges and funding for being Maori or speaking Maori, or making work schemes for older Maori where they get to chase away taniwha and evil spirits, aren?t stopping the Maori crime or the Maori child abuse.?

One other thing that isn?t going away is the expectation that the government will fund and care for something that not even their own people care for.

Here?s the thing: no one saved Latin; not even the Catholic Church could do that.

My language is English. It is doing perfectly well, all without government subsidies. If Maori want to save their language then best they get on with it. But I?d argue that spending money on saving a language isn?t going to reduce the appalling statistics regarding Maori crime, Maori child abuse, Maori unemployment and Maori health. Being able to speak Te Reo while you bash your kids to death isn?t much of an achievement.

Moko Rangitoheriri

Moko Rangitoheriri