Marborough theatre costs three times more to run than one in Invercargill

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While the Marlborough Express is continuing to ignore mayor Sowman’s late-night emails with loaded legal threats, it does manage to uncover other inconvenient information:

Invercargill’s theatre is nearly one-and-a-half times the size?of Blenheim’s new theatre, but its yearly operating costs are about a third of the theatre’s estimated annual expenditure.?

A report prepared by the Marlborough District Council last month?said the?expenditure for the ASB Theatre this financial year was forecast to be almost $1.4 million.

Figures released from Invercargill Events and Venue Management, an organisation run by the Invercargill City Council, revealed the?Invercargill Civic Theatre’s operating costs came to $494,297 last financial year.?

The Invercargill theatre seats 1015 people, while the main auditorium of the?Marlborough ASB Theatre, which opened in March,?seats about 700 people. […]

The Invercargill?theatre spent nearly $10,000 on advertising, while the ASB Theatre was estimated to spend $97,060 on advertising and marketing.

However, the civic theatre made only $542,398 for the year, while the ASB Theatre was predicted to make $1,204,715.

Council chief financial officer Martin Fletcher was unavailable for comment on Monday.

Venues manager Kate Feaver?said the main part of the theatre was refurbished and restored, while the proscenium arch was new.

She had “no idea” why the predicted cost of running the?ASB Theatre was nearly $1.4m.

“I can’t explain why the operational expenditure would be so high,” she said.

By the time the people running it can’t explain why their way of running the theatre is three times more expensive than the way another one is run, it is a clear signal something is rotten in the state of Marlboroville

The elected council members will be held to account at the coming election, no matter how much the Marlborough Express is contorting itself not to throw the hapless mayor under the bus.


– The Marlborough Express