The missing million are clearly disinterested and busy

source: Auckland Council

source: Auckland Council

The council has commissioned research into voting patterns which highlights the need to make inroads into some ethnic communities.

One paper found the turnout among Asians, the second-largest ethnic group in Auckland, was nearly 10 percent lower than the population average in 2010.

In general, the older, whiter, or wealthier an Aucklander is, the more likely they are to vote.

In 2013 nearly 46 percent of eligible voters in the northern township of Warkworth cast a vote, while only 29 percent turned out in the poorer, southern suburb of Otara.

Older, whiter and wealthier voters give a toss about the Council stealing thousands of their hard earned money only to squander it.

The country’s biggest local body is spending $1.2 million trying to lift the second-lowest turnout in council elections.

Auckland Council is targeting the biggest growth-groups in the city, recent immigrants and the young, both of whom are among the least likely to vote.

$1.2m of money stolen from rate payers to try and get the young and disinterested non-rate payers to vote.

Money well spent?


– Todd Niall, RNZ