” Moderate ” Turkey controlled by brutal dictator

If you were in any doubt about the status of Turkey this article will remove it as it tells you about the thousands of Turkish soldiers who are being raped and starved as punishment for the failed coup against President Dictator Erdogan. According to Amnesty International they are also being left without water in terrible cramped conditions.

Pictures have emerged on social media, reportedly of soldiers being held in Turkey

Pictures have emerged on social media, reportedly of soldiers being held in Turkey

Pictures have emerged on social media, reportedly of soldiers being held in Turkey.
The human rights group said it has “credible evidence” that around 10,000 Turkish soldiers face the severe punishments for their part of the failed military coup against president Erdogan.

Victims are being held in makeshift cells, such as stables and sports halls, and are being tortured and held in stress positions for 48 hours, the group said.

Amnesty’s European director John Dalhuisen said: “Reports of abuse including beatings and rape in detention are extremely alarming, especially given the scale of detentions that we have seen in the past week.

“The grim details that we have documented are just a snapshot of the abuses that might be happening in places of detention.”

A lawyer working at the Caglayan Courthouse in Istanbul said she saw a detainee attempting to jump out of a sixth floor window and another banging his head against a wall.

The non-profit organisation has asked for access to prisoners who have been rounded up and arrested in the wake of the failed coup.

Dalhuisen said: “It is absolutely imperative that the Turkish authorities halt these abhorrent practices and allow international monitors to visit all these detainees in the places they are being held.”


Erdogan may have been democratically elected but his actions are the actions of a dictator. In his fear he is lashing out at not only soldiers but police, civil servants, journalists, judges, teachers and now children! Erdogan is an Islamist and his reign is the beginning of the end of democracy in Turkey. No longer can Turkey be held up as an example of moderate Islam. Under his leadership it is now a brutal, Islamic theocracy and Sharia Law will eventually be enforced, mark my words.

Turkey has arrested 62 children and accused them of treason after the botched military coup last week. The youngsters, aged 14 to 17, were from Kuleli Military school, the oldest of its kind in Istanbul.They have reportedly been thrown in jail and are not allowed to speak to their parents.

Their families say that just before the coup the children were invited to a school cocktail party but were made to parade with guns, dress in army uniforms and guard their campus.

‘Our child has never held a gun before,’ she told the Telegraph.
‘They were used, they were forced to do this.’

Families fear their children will be denied fair trial and say they only had two minutes to testify at a preliminary hearing in a packed courthouse which their parents were not allowed to enter.

Another distraught mother added: ‘They are just children. They are innocent. The state needs to separate the guilty ones from the innocent ones.’
One lawyer representing three of the students told the Telegraph: ‘Some families haven’t heard anything from their children for seven days – children at the age of 14 or 15. That’s not something that should be happening even in a state of emergency.’
Turkish authorities have also issued warrants for the detention of 42 journalists, private broadcaster NTV reported.
Well known commentator and former parliamentarian Nazli Ilicak was among those for whom a warrant was issued.

…Turkish authorities have suspended, detained or placed under investigation more than 60,000 soldiers, police, judges, teachers, civil servants and others in the days following the attempted coup.

…EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said today that Turkey is in no position to become a European Union member any time soon.
He added that all negotiations for it to join will stop immediately if it reintroduces the death penalty.
‘I believe that Turkey, in its current state, is not in a position to become a member any time soon and not even over a longer period,’ Juncker said on French television France 2.
He said that a country that included the death penalty in its legislative arsenal had no place in the European Union.



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  • Christie

    I wonder what our modern day Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand incident will be….

  • Isherman

    Turkey’s “democracy”, and Erdogan’s win in the 2015 elections was basically a sham, as he had in the preceding years stacked the voting system strongly in favour of his own party, and to the detriment of opposition groups. This much was acknowledged by both the OSCE and the the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Union head Andreas Gross, but they limply resisted calling the results illegitimate with Turkey being a NATO member..it was too much of a political hot potato. Of course, over $7 billion of bribes to the electorate from the Saudi’s to help ‘encourage’ a vote for Erdogan wouldn’t have hurt either…not that that gets mentioned very often. Erdogan is a dictator, and an Islamist one at that. As long as he is in power, Turkey is eventually going to end up in a similar position to what Syria is now, you can bet on it.

    • Seriously?

      A part of the trouble with a democracy is that it is democratic.

      While I’d believe that Erdogan’s election was “well orginaise”, I’d also believe that a majority in Turkey want to move away from their secular state to one dominated by Islam. Turkey is after all 99% Muslim. Sadly, and rather sickeningly, he may well have popular support there for what he is doing.

  • John Colbert

    It was a set up from the beginning and half the military fell for it. Time to purge.

    • bilgewater

      Orchestrated subversively by Erdogan himself. He needed a pretext for a purge before any opposition got too strong

  • Glenn

    Ataturk must be turning in his grave.

  • Hans

    Hitler won an election and look how that turned out, i cant understand the west’s fixation with democracy in the ME. A good dictator is a better choice than letting the Muslim Brothers get in power by a fairly run election.

    • RG52

      Robert Mugabe was also elected with huge public support.

  • Superman

    This is exactly what Stalin did after coming to power. Purged (killed) everybody he thought may be an opponent or a possible threat. The death toll ran to several million. Then when Germany attacked Russia his army was a total mess because all the officers had been murdered.

  • one for the road

    Amongst all this,what I cannt work out is how they are managing to keep the country going with huge reduction in teachers, police, army, bureacrats etc? Maybe they had too many to start with, like Greece!

    • bristol

      Turkey has a large population, around eighty million, and most public institutions are overstaffed, so not a big problem if a few disappear. Also, it’s school holidays at the moment. All in all, Erdogan, and his AK party, are in a good position to rid themselves of their enemies/opposition, both real and perceived.

  • WBC

    Hitler also staged a false flag attack on the government in the form of the Reichstag fire. He then used this as a pretext for mass arrests and to ;improve security’ of Germany.

    It was a particularly small, convenient and easily foiled coup don’t you think? It’s not the Nazi party about to rise but it is definitely the end of secularism and democracy. It is very sad watching a country like Turkey fall.

  • taurangaruru

    Western European politicians have introduced the death penalty through their weakness, inviting hoards of barbarians into Western Europe who intend murdering & butchering their citizens means thousands will die. How are these politicians different to Erdogan?