An open letter to Penny Webster

Dear Penny,

As you will have seen Whaleoil has decided to give you some extra coverage of your Auckland City Council election ad in the Helensville News.

We wanted to take up your offer of ?Ask Penny Anything?, so we went to your web site but it is under construction.


So instead of sending you questions to your web site, which we can?t do, we decided to ask some questions here. If you could respond by email [email protected] we will publish the answers so all our readers can ask

1. Why did you vote for a 9.9% rates increase?

2. Do you think voting for a 9.9% rates increase is a consistent ideological position for a former ACT MP?

3. Your ad states ?Continue delivering results for Rodney?, which does not seem grammatically correct, but lets leave that and ask ?What results have you delivered for Rodney??

4. Can you give examples of where you have delivered on specific projects in the Rodney Ward?

5. Is it true that the ?Grumpies? are no longer supporting you?


The Team at Whaleoil