Epic cartoon battles of history: Transgenderism [UPDATED]

UPDATE: The comments were off; they are on now.

My children introduced me to the video series Epic Rap Battles of History. Basically, two characters from history are selected and then instead of debating each other they have a rap battle. Most characters are from the past but they will also pitch two modern-day characters against each other.

It gave me an idea for the blog. We usually only write about one point of view in posts and the debate happens in the comments. What if both points of view were in a post? What if both sides of the story (the key points at least ) were provided to help stimulate debate in the comments?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I have decided to start a series called Epic cartoon battles of history. I will choose a controversial or political topic and provide cartoons that display both sides of the argument. Commenters will decide which point of view is the most compelling.

Let the battle begin…

 This week’s topic is transgenderism.

Cartoons sympathetic towards or supportive of transgender issues:


















Cartoons not supportive of transgenderism:



'Ideally we want you to find us someone with an excellent degree and at least 8 years experience litigation at a magic circle firm.'






Sonny Chance of Showers 1




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  • Minnie Mouse

    I need therapy I fear as I’m not transgender nor is my husband. What’s to become of us? We’re beginning to feel alienated???????

  • phronesis

    Mental health issues around identity are a serious issue. It’s very sad that rather than give these people the psychiatric help they obviously need we are instead offering to surgically mutilate them. This isn’t that different to telling a schizophrenic that the voices they hear in their head are real.

    • Shalice

      Some of them are quite happy without the ops though. Best of both worlds and extra rights.