Playing the blame game

Here we go, I thought as I read the title of the article.

How have Boomers stuffed thee? Let me count the ways

Why is it that people of a certain political persuasion always think it is someone else’s fault? Why can’t they take personal responsibility? The author, just like the Remoaners  in Britain, blames older people for the younger people not getting what they want. There should be a special word for this kind of attitude. We have the word racist but what should we call people who judge others based on their age?  Ageist?

…The UK’s old – many retired, or careering towards it – decided on behalf of the young, that they didn’t want Johnny Foreigner coming in to take their jobs.

No they didn’t, it was a democratic vote. Why do writers continue to push this lie?

Firstly, let’s not forget the irony in that.

It should worry them the least, particularly when considering conversely the ones most affected by immigrant competition – the young – voted to remain.

Exiting the European Union was not just about immigration.

And aside perhaps from the Polish, most of the immigration they object to likely comes from other non-EU countries – immigration that can be controlled by the UK Government.

Voting statistics showed 73 per cent of 18 to 24 year-olds voted to remain, as did 62 per cent of 25-34s. But an aging population meant that with a 59 per cent vote to leave, that group of pensioners outweighed the younger remain vote by around 1.3 million votes.

Yeah, it’s called democracy, where the majority win. Have you heard  of it? Don’t forget that it was the older generation who fought in wars to protect British democracy. What have these young people ever done to protect democracy apart from paint their faces, wave a few placards and virtue signal on Twitter? In fact, their actions tell us that they do not want democracy. They want to overturn a democratic vote because they didn’t get what they want.

Londoners Protest Brexit

Londoners Protest Brexit

So the young, working population of Britain, and many in New Zealand, will lose their EU passports. And with that, the ease of travelling and working in destinations that will challenge their world view in ways that would have many Boomers choking into their cups of tea.

The world will be worse off for it.

But that’s only the latest in a rather long history of that generation ruining it for future ones.

Auckland is all but closed off to the first home buyer, and other major centres are beginning to feel the effects of a market in which you need a cool $1 million to get a foot in the door.

Little problem for the Baby Boomer, who can leverage that size mortgage off their portfolio of largely uninsulated rental properties.

Led by Chief Boomer John Key, the age of superannuation will remain at 65 until a Government is sufficiently confident it won’t have a hope of lasting another term, and so makes the responsible decision to raise it.

The Government set aside $12.9 billion at this year’s budget for Superannuation Payments – up from $12.2b the year before. It is not means tested, it is not income tested.

A boomer does not have to be retired at 65 to begin claiming up to $770 a fortnight, a good number aren’t. Some are millionaires.

And while many are retired, with no other source of income, it’s questionable that they need to be at 65, when New Zealanders are now living to an average age of 81.

It’s unsustainable and drastic changes will need to be made well before those under 35 reach that age.

Meaning the younger generation has around 30-45 years to pay off student loans their forebears never had, save for a mortgage – in some cases more than triple the size boomers had to contend with at that age, pay off that mortgage, then save anything upwards of $400,000 for their retirement.

This has far less meaning than the previous two examples. Perhaps that’s the point.

We had a chance to change the flag to something that future generations of New Zealanders could get behind. New Zealand voted for nostalgia, and kept the symbol of a Kingdom that may be torn apart in years to come.

But hey, what’s one more stupid decision forced by the old onto the young?

It’s enough to leave a young voter apathetic.

– Sunday Star Times



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  • NahYeah

    Just change the word: “Romans” to “Old People”, and this video pretty much says it all:

  • jaundiced

    Puerile rantings of the entitled.

  • NahYeah

    If we are going to be ageist about it, shall we look at the agegroups in the world that are involved in terrorism. What is the average age of a suicide bomber, or a “lone wolf” gunman? The young of today have really let us down!

  • Kevin

    I love how these journalists think they know better than everybody else.

  • Eiselmann

    73 percent of 18-24 year olds in Britain did not vote to remain…most people in that age group could not even be bothered to vote, had they done so then Britain may not have voted to leave the EU .thats where any ‘blame’ lies

  • XCIA

    Elderly in the UK are probably much the same as elderly in Australia and NZ, they care about their health care. So, during Brexit when they saw Boris running around in a big red bus emblazoned with signage that told them if they left the EU, the 320M that the UK remitted to the EU every week would go straight to the NHS. However, no sooner had the vote been counted, the relentless mouth that is Farage came out and said, sorry that was a mistake. Now, if they had not run around telling these lies and sucked the oldies in, I would say that referendum would have had a different outcome.

    • Alan Beresford B’Stard

      I doubt that, I suspect not many voted leave just because of that one reason, but a multitude of reasons.

      • XCIA

        Well, that’s what I have been told by relatives that were sucked in and I believe that their friends were swayed by this too. What are your people saying to you?

        • BMSKiwi


          There are always questionable promises on both sides of every single election or referendum. One of the main jobs of any campaign is to expose any mistruths in your opponents’ campaign.

          The promise you speak of was attacked and discredited by just about every economist in the United Kingdom. If people still believed it in it entirety they must have been blind, deaf and dumb.

          There were similar false promises on the remain side. The pound will drop to $1.15? Really?

          I suspect you oppose the result for political reasons and are using this pointless strawman to provide some excuse – any excuse – for your opposition to a democratic result.

          • XCIA

            Actually dude, I’m pleased they left. Its what I would have voted for, but I detest liars., especially political ones and its time these mongrels were brought to account. Older people are more vulnerable don’t you know.

          • BMSKiwi

            Okay, fair enough. But for balance you could point out the plentiful mistruths on the other side too.

            Dishonesty in politics is rarely one-sided :)

          • biscuit barrel

            First thing to remember is that Farage wasnt part of the campaign with the big red bus !
            yes thats right , he had nothing to do with it.
            His campaign was called “” and they didnt have that theme at all.

            That slogan was from the ‘other’ Vote Leave campaign and they havent dropped that slogan

            “The EU already costs us £350 million a week”

    • R&BAvenger

      My sister in law and Bro voted OUT and not for the reasons you state. they are in their early sixties. immigration and the effects on housing and other infrastructure and services as well certainly were factors. Also, the fact that the EU was not really working for the UK as a whole. Now they can be in charge of their own destiny as a nation.

      • biscuit barrel

        The EU was set up by the Germans and French to suit their circumstances- French farming, German manufacturing, so there was distinctive thing that suited Britain.
        They stayed out of the euro, which has been a disaster, the EU is in economic peril and the Brits couldnt see it doing anything for them in the future. They have Nato and a whole swag of things that they can use in Europe without all the expensive palaver

  • NZ Groover

    The 18-24 year olds didn’t vote to remain because it wasn’t important to them. If it was, they would have used the small amount of energy required to actually get out and vote.

    • Shalice

      It’s certainly takes less energy to vote than to paint your face blue, stick an EU flag on your dog and run around complaining

      Edit: typo

      • OneTrack

        It might take less energy but it’s not as much fun. And everybody loves painting their face and chanting. Don’t they?

        • Shalice

          If there’s a certificate for participation too, sure thing!

    • R&BAvenger

      In fcat, that voter group had the lowest turnout of all groups by age in the EU referendum. If they had felt it was so important, the should have gotten out and voted, just like the grown ups.

    • WBC

      Yup. To be more accurate about the demographic of the vote, it would be better if the results showed the proportion of eligible voters who voted to stay rather then the proportion of those who voted.

  • Andy

    It is interesting that the MSM in NZ are 100% pushing the line that Brexit was an ill-informed decision made by the great unwashed. Why can’t they just listen to the “experts”?

    I have not read a single article or point in the media here that makes a positive point about leaving the EU.

    At the same time, I read a lot of letters in the paper and in the comments sections online that do push the positives.

    The MSM really are detaching themselves from their readership.

    • Shalice

      I agree. The Brexit coverage shows that in NZ they are ALL libtards. Which is scary. In the UK there are at least some papers that are for Brexit. Here it’s almost to illegal to say anything positive. And the whining about how globalisation is awesome and any criticism is racist is quite alarming also

      • biscuit barrel

        The demographic is called WEIRD

        Western, educated,industralised rich, democratic.
        They have benefited from EU membership or live in cities that have.
        Anyway Germany is now saying it wants these sort of anglosaxons to move to Deutschland.

        • Shalice

          Great, they can live there with all the Muslims ;-)!!!

  • Christie

    The arrogance of this piece, and of the Remoaners in general, is staggering. 73% of young people in Britain didn’t actually vote. They stole their own future by being apathetic. Maybe they will actually turn up to the polling booth next time.

    • Shalice

      Pathetic entitled brats

  • Christie

    I wonder if it is another case of the media trying to change the result. First, the Leavers where leading. Then they weren’t. Then the vote was taken. Now the media is trying to have it overturned. It is all very well saying that ‘We are the 48%’. Obviously no one cares about the other 52% – the majority.

  • JEL51

    There are some really dangerous people out there passing as journalists. What a shameful, shallow, view of the World that writer is pushing. I am guessing it is another Leftie as it is so divisive.

    • PsychoKea

      Sounds like the writer has been disinherited by their parents and is having a paddy

      • JEL51

        He sure has a lot of growing-up to do. I find it that type of garbage sickening and who ever they are, does not deserve the job they have got.

  • R&BAvenger

    I’m glad that as a Boomer/GenX-er, I represent a majority of people who have enough life experience under my belt to make sensible choices most of the time, especially when it comes to voting in elections.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Londoner”s protest Brexit. Yeah right. How many are native Londoner’s? Even a bigger crowd shot would see them counted on one hand.
    Bear in mind that while every beneficiary got a boost for the first time in 40 years with a range of other benefits also boosted there was no boost for Supernatants. Nil, nada, none.
    This Boomers BS is long worn out and pales into insignificance when compared with benefit breeding for an alternative lifestyle who can be tax neutral. Coupled with those supposedly striving for a higher education on interest free funding ending up with more ways to avoid repaying than degrees.
    Brexit did render up another lesson even with a substantial turnout on the day that the loudest whingers didn’t bother to vote or think their vote is a “like” vote and can be reversed when reality dawns on them.

  • R&BAvenger

    The ageist vitrol and pure hate spewed by the entitled brats in the Remain camp, speaks for itself.

    Refer articles in links below.

    It’s not excatly how to win freinds and influence people, is it?

  • andrewo

    Only 36% of 18-24 year olds actually turned out to vote.
    They can’t really complain when most of them can’t even be bothered to get out of bed to exercise their democratic right

  • redeye

    One could argue that the large percentage of young’ins that didn’t vote were quite happy to leave such an important decision to those with some life experience.

  • KatB

    Would this be the same Boomers that probably started their working life on a pittance of a wage, the same ones that only went to Uni if they needed a degree that they would actually use for their job, the same ones that got married and planned a family, the sames ones that lived on one income while they raised a family, the same ones that didn’t have the latest gadget/pimped car/best furniture when they were young, that same ones that may not have ventured overseas until they were half a century old or not at all, the same ones that are now helping their kids out financially and provided every hobby, sport or device their kids ever wanted? Gosh yes, these Boomers are a nasty selfish lot.

  • Jaffa

    One thing the old ones have that the young ones don’t.


    They have experienced Britain before, and after, EU, they know the difference.

    They have lived though hard times, and easy times.

    Listen to them!

  • Dave of the West Bank

    Delingpole observed that more people voted FOR Brexit than had voted for anything in Britain’s history before.

    Something to think about.

  • Macca

    I had to laugh this afternoon when Tim Roxborough (spelling?), was interviewing the guy who wrote the article said mentioned something along the lines of ‘this wonderful thing we have called democracy ‘. So here he is in one breath extolling the virtues of democracy (something the oldies fought and died for), yet in his article he is pushing the barrow of a socialist dictatorship which would make it illegal for a certain age group to vote because they don’t agree with his agenda?!!!!!!!! If anything it should be reversed that the young are too stupid undressed the age of 30 to actually know what’s good for them!

    PS. Best cartoon I’ve seen yet and compulsory viewing for any stupid enough to want to remain!

  • Radvad

    Hey you clever young thingys, I will happily surrender my vote if you stop demanding my money.
    Have you not heard of “no taxation without representation”?

  • localnews

    While some in New Zealand are busy complaining, others know it isn’t hard to get ahead.
    Leave school and become a plumber. In ten years you will be in the housing market in any city, then vote in a labour government for some silly spending that will cause inflation and in another ten years your house will have doubled and your mortgage halved.
    Simple really for anyone who wants to work rather than complain and exactly the same as our parents and grandparents

  • JohnO

    The reason young people wanted to remain in the EU is that they are ignorant and easily led by leaders who manipulate their thoughts by playing on groundless fears (stuffed economy) and loss of grandiose identity.
    The reality is that Europe has enormous economic problems and even worse social problems that they want Britain to sink under to keep them afloat. 8% of French population is already Islamic. That means every primary school in Paris has a full time guard of 4 soldiers with automatic weapons guarding the school kids. Germany invited a million more of these evil minded Islamics into their country and hope to lessen the cultural pollution in their own country by dispersing most of it to other countries.
    The young ones are persuaded to ignore all this because , with little sense of their own heritage , they are ruled by the superficial. There is still a tiny majority of sensible people in the U.K. They took their chance to bail out. Well done.

  • Sally

    Just think if over 65’s couldn’t vote Winston would be out of a job! Maybe these young things are on to something.