Which pollsters can you trust, and which are bought and paid for?

We should have something like this here.


In the process of being an analyser of polls, Nate Silver has had to figure out which are actually delivering reliable and honest results, and which are essentially fronts that get you the answer you’re paying for.

We know that Colmar Brunton are one of the most variable and have a clear bias towards Labour, for example.

As for Horizon, they had the Conservative party in government as part of the coalition with National right now.

Whenever the Fraser House spy tells me that Labour are polling in the low to mid-thirties, and then paid-for polls come out, you can reliably subtract 4-6 points, every time.


– 538


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  • Sally

    I always thought it was the Roy Morgan Poll that is the most variable with a strong bias towards Labour.

    • Wasapilot

      I think Roy Morgan were all over the shop as you say Sally. UMR I think did labours polling, but from what I hear are not anymore, as they have invoices that have not been paid.

  • Paul Scott

    Conservative party took 4 and half per cent last election. Easy to be a smart arse now Teknonym. Your comments are subjective drivel. Get off the page .