Proof veganism is child abuse

A 14-month-old Italian baby, who was reportedly fed a vegan diet, has been removed from his parents after arriving at a Milan hospital seriously malnourished.

The baby, whose name has not been released, was taken to hospital by his grandparents a week ago and doctors were shocked to see the poor state of the baby’s health and a body weight only just slightly higher than a newborn.

Blood tests revealed the child, who was born in May 2015, was severely malnourished with calcium levels barely adequate to survive. The baby was also suffering from a congenital heart condition which required emergency surgery. He is now recovering in hospital.

“This forces us to reflect on uncommon feeding regimes, even if in this case it was complicated by a cardiac malformation,” said Luca Bernardo, director of paediatrics at the hospital that took him in.

“It is not a problem to choose different or unusual kinds of nutrition and we certainly do not want to enter into a discussion of the merits of the decision. But since birth, the baby should have had support in this case with calcium and iron.”

The hospital immediately reported the case to police and prosecutors opened an  inquiry and ordered the baby to be formally removed from his parents.

Our society is totally screwed when we have parents thinking that their babies are born as exclusively plant eaters. The problem is that we dare not criticise people’s life choices because we might be considered some kind of -ist.

These parents were systematically depriving their child of essential nutrients for a healthy body.  Worse, they are so invested in this choice that the government is having to consider having to take the baby off them as they can not be relied on to provide it with the necessities of life.

[meaningful pause]

How is this any different from parents who don’t provide a safe home? Healthy food? Shoes, clothing and educational support?

Why is the “right” to be a parent the same as being able to abuse your children, in many ways through all kinds of deprivation, more important than the child’s rights to a healthy, safe and happy life?

And no, the state shouldn’t step in and be the parents.

There should be consequences, however, for idiots who make babies they can’t look after. If it was a dog, they’d be banned legally from having any further animals in their care.

But, if it is their own baby…


– Telegraph


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  • Simon P

    The child was raised Vegan, so no animal products including milk

    • Andrew

      Hopefully breast milk – MoH recommends to be exclusively breast feed first 6 months and WHO recommends to continue breast feeding up to 2 yrs.

      • oldmanNZ

        But the vegan mother milk could be a bit thin, like green trim milk instead of silvertop.

        • Simon P

          A bit like a decafe soy latte

  • pidge

    I’ve got two children, raised vegan at the insistence of my wife (vegan, I’m not), they’ve made it to 8 and 11 yo so far, bright, active and intelligent.

    But crikey, it’s hard to find vegan restaurant meals that children will eat. If I’m lucky, avocado on Toast..

    And this is not the first case of a infant raised vegan becoming malnourished, and probably won’t be the last. Just like any other case of child abuse. But seems to be quite rare comparing to other causes of child abuse, and easier to fix.

  • Nic C

    Hang on a minute… this story can’t be right at all.

    Vegans couldn’t have done this. They’re a far superior and vastly more intelligent species than us normal folk… well that’s what the vegans I’ve met always delighted in telling me!!

    There’s no way such super vegan-beings would do something this stupid and irresponsible, that it would result in the decimation of the complex nutritional requirements, essential to the healthy development and growth of a normal infant child.

    Or perhaps they’re just not as superior to the rest of us, as they would like to believe after all??

  • waldopepper

    humans seem to have survived thousands of years eating all sorts of “bad stuff”. meat and dairy, alcohol etc etc. this fact seems to always be lost on those who have suddenly “found” veganism or similar, and who then have to convert the world for reasons to do more with their own insecurities and self worth (or lack of it) than anything else – it would seem. to then be doing this to an infant is a textbook example of media hysteria and social engineering triumphing over a dumbed down brainwashed disciple. when i see this im glad im old and stuck in my ways. im also glad i eat meat and dairy, and drink. its a great life ! hic !

  • Mags

    There are also heaps of non-vegans that could be reported for child abuse. Those that feed their children fizzy drinks, fries etc. I beat you that lots of children that are overweight are still malnourished. So these parents may have been uneducated like many others that we see.

  • Krysta20

    Child abuse is child abuse. Obviously the parents were neglectful, doesn’t mean that it is because they are vegan. There are infants dying around the world daily that are malnourished by meat eating parents who don’t give their baby enough food. One or 2 malnourished vegan babies died vs how many non vegan babies and all of a sudden it is because they are vegan.

    Obviously this lifestyle choice is growing so instead of being against it why not help new parents who want to raise their children on a different diet, show them what their infants need, meat eaters get these dietry plans for their infants so should vegetarians and vegans.

    Meat and dairy advertisements are thrown at people everyday, when eating out people are eating meat, people are constantly talking about buying a cheap leg of lamb or chicken is on sale. A vegan says no thank you to some food because they don’t eat meat and all of a sudden they a pushing their values on everyone else. It is absolutely ridiculous.

    Those who question this lifestyle choice are obviously threatened by those who choose to live a healthier more compassionate lifestyle. Maybe you should read up on saturated fats causing heart disease and dairy products causing osteoporosis and cancers then maybe you’ll understand why people make these choices. Most vegans have already researched this and make the smart choice to bring their children up without products that grow disease. You could say those who feed their kids meat and dairy are openly contributing to health problems.

    The perspective goes both ways but the point is don’t complain about something you know nothing about.