Question four: Should immigrants who have not gained citizenship be required to leave New Zealand?


My motivation for creating a survey on immigration was to get an accurate snapshot of what a ?Conservative/ Libertarian voter ?thinks about immigration in New Zealand. I wanted this snap shot ?primarily for David Seymour ?as he commented that the small changes Act had proposed for immigration did not gain any support from this blog and resulted in a lot of negativity from the media.

Winston Peters of course has always been vocal about immigration, I hope this survey gives him some insight on what our real concerns about immigration are. Are we anti-immigration? Or do we think immigration is a good thing?

John Key likes to implement policies that will be popular with voters so he too should find this survey useful.I think he will be surprised at what it shows.

Due to our large audience we easily surveyed over one thousand voters in less than a day. This survey is not of the general population but of a specific conservative/libertarian audience. I gave two yes options and two no options for every ?question.

Here are the results for question four:?Should immigrants who have not gained citizenship be required to leave New Zealand?

Responses were almost evenly split.

52.% were in in favour and 48.% against.

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For more detail on respondents’ thoughts on the issue here are all comments unedited. A common word mentioned in the responses was benefits.

Immigrants that do not wish to become citizens must be against integrating into our society.

Immigrants without wanting to become citizens should reapply for citizenship every 10 years and meet the current conditions to stay.

Most immigrants should be able to stay in NZ as long as they want, but non-citizens who commit crimes or who are found to have terrorist affiliations should be deported. NZ can deport non-citizens, but is far too lax about actually doing so when the need arises.

Refer you to my answer above. Take my tax dollar, give me a vote.

Benefits should be available to citizens only. ie non-citizens support themselves.

Australians/NZers should continue to have unrestricted trans-Tasman movement, though.

Only if they contribute to the New Zealand economy and assimilate to our culture.

So long as they aren’t breaking the law

Immigrants should be incentiveized to become citizens and not have all rights or benefits until they do.

immigrants should be able to stay if they have a valid visa, not dependent on citizenship

Immigrants can stay until they die, provided the obey all our laws and assimilate. They can still celebrate their culture within our cultural norm. No vote until naturalized.

I think the issues are being conflated with the questions. My answer would be non citizens would have to renew a residence permit periodically unless they are from a country where there is visa free entry and an agreement to work.

Immigrants should be able to live here as long as they meet residency criteria, but should not be able to vote or buy land and must pay higher tax than citizens

and they must be able to support themselves and their family. No access to social welfare without being a citizen.

I would also extend this to the levels of support provided by the govt, such as?superannuation.

However, if they are convicted of a crime or refuse to follow our cultural values (don’t want to assimilate) they are deported immediately along with their immediate family

fine for them to stay here, but the right to vote should only be for citizens. also any state assistance like superannuation should be for citizens only

If you love this country and decide to make it your home why would you not become a citizen?

NZ should be for citizens AND immigrants with needed skills and who are working.

Permanent residency, work permits and other temporary visas are important. Q5 (wouldn’t let me enter it there):Immigration is good & beneficial when managed well.

They should be able to live here for 10 years and then either take out citizenship or leave.

BUT – residents who commit crimes cannot stay. This needs enforcement by the judiciary.

Immigrants can stay but as long as they are not claiming benefits and are not a drain on the health system.

Leave or be killed. Like they would do to us.

This one is no quite so clear. It is similar to retrospective legislation which I don’t like.

Provided they have not been convicted with a custodial sentence and are proficient in English and have skills and ability to work i.e not dependent on NZ welfare

Once they have citizenship the can vote

No, immigrants should be able to live here until they die without citizenship but ONLY if they have neither the right to vote nor to welfare

Live here until they die but immigrants – with the exception of genuine refugees who have been through the UN assessment process, so followed the rules rather than fronted up on a boat somewhere, unless citizens should not be entitled to any state support or benefits. If they find themselves unable to support themselves financially, unless there are extenuating circumstances, they should be assisted to make their way back to their country of citizenship.

No, but immigrants must either be granted permanent residency or leave the country after a defined time period.

And only if they are also deemed ineligible for benefits / health support – like Australia

It is their choice, to pay tax, or leave. To become a citizen will allow them to vote, plus it is that in becoming a citizen that have accepted the obligations of becoming NZ’ers kiwis.

Provided they have at least permanent residency

Australianss hould have the opportunity to live in NZ sames as New Zealanders in Australia.

They should be allowed to live here for a certain period of time, after which they either apply for (and get under more stringent rules) citizenship or leave. Having children here is NOT a reason for them staying or granting citizenship. They must be prepared to, or prove to have already done so, assimilate into NZ. Citizenship should not be granted before at least 10 years. After 5 right to reside perhaps with limited increased ‘rights’.

No, providing immigrants can pay their own expenses in education & medical care and not be allowed to vote.

I think if an immigrant has lived in NZ for 10 years and not gained citizenship they should be required to leave. In the meantime no public welfare should be available to them unless accepted into the country as a genuine refugee. That said, any illegal activity on the part of any immigrant should lead to them having their citizenship revoked if they have gained it and them being deported.

Not only should it be linked to NZ citizens, but if you are on any form of dole you should not be able to vote until you are no longer receiving government assistance. Welfare recipients should not be able to vote for politicians that will promise them more welfare.

unless they commit a crime and are convicted then instant deportation including immediate family

With the caveat that immigrants without citizenship have no access to free healthcare, benefits etc as per Kiwis in Australia

Again voting should be linked to permanent residency. Those not achieving residency status should be required to a) apply and b) be required to leave if not granted.

There are many possible reasons for not getting citizenship.

-Whaleoil Immigration survey