Question one: Are you happy with NZ immigration policy as it is now?


My motivation for creating a survey on immigration was to get an accurate snapshot of what a conservative/ libertarian voter thinks about immigration in New Zealand. I wanted this snapshot primarily for David Seymour as he had commented that the small changes ACT proposed for immigration did not gain any support from this blog and resulted in a lot of negativity from the media.

Winston Peters, of course, has always been vocal about immigration. I hope this survey gives him some insight on what our real concerns about immigration are. Are we anti-immigration? Or do we think immigration is a good thing?

John Key likes to implement policies that will be popular with voters so he too should find this survey useful. I think he will be surprised at what it shows.

Due to our large audience we easily surveyed over one thousand voters in less than a day. This survey is not of the general population but of a specific conservative/ libertarian audience. I gave two “yes” options and two “no” options for every  question.

Here are the results for question one: Are you happy with NZ immigration policy as it is now?

75% of those surveyed are not happy with NZ immigration policy as it is right now.

For more detail on respondents’ thoughts on the issue here are all comments unedited. A common word mentioned in the responses was integration.

I don’t vote ACT, but see merit in new immigrants taking an oath or pledge or similar to NZ and our ways.

In a highly over-populated world, all countries are soon going to have to learn something new – coping with a negative populations growth. At present 20 countries in the world are experiencing this, and several of these twenty countries are coping awfully, and making terrible mistakes, eg Germany in letting in a million to make up for the shortfall, but what a terrible million they experimented with. Get used to it NZ, we are going to have to deal with World population decline sooner rather than later. Deal with it now – learn to deal with it now – and look after NZers first and last.

All immigration needs to be slowed down a bit. Growth for the sake of growth does not improve the lifestyle of New Zealanders. It is also time to admit the problems of Islam. Admitting more and more Islamists cannot ever be undone. Islam is a choice. Its a choice for those that follow it. And its a choice for New Zealand to reject it.

No because we are not attracting high value migrants.

Take a look at Auckland,some suburbs are completely changed due to immigration.Some people just dont want to mix immigration yes but no open slaver

There is not enough focus on integration. Especially with respect to immigrants from India and the Middle East.

would be good to filter out islamic cult members but prob too difficult

The people we get should have needed skills, young families and be willing to become kiwis in the true sense of the word e.g. Make kiwi friends and allow children to truly integrate.

No position.

Strong immigration supports NZ economy but too many Asians are stuffing the country. Foreigners should only be able to lease not purchase property assets.

If immigrants do something wrong and are processed thru the court system they should at the end of their sentence be sent back to country of origin

Infrastructure costs associated with new migrants should not fall to the taxpayer automatically. The cost / benefit analysis needs to be transparent.

Culture is fluid. Should be focused on a needs basis, e.g. shortages in teachers etc.

Only those who wish to work and are in good health should be considered, they must abandon their old ways, they must never be allowed to have for free, that which we have worked so hard to achieve, which WE paid for, which we did for the sake of OUR children.

No immigration unless the immigrant covenants to obey NZ law and is immediately deported on any conviction with a custodial sentence Essential that immigrant is proficient in English and has skills and ability to work – if not – no entry

No it needs to be altered because it doesn’t always protect individual rights and the right to free association

To easy to bypass the English requirement if you have $$$$$$

we should not allow in, people who are reluctant to or will not conform to our norms and laws

NZ needs migrants who will fit into the NZ culture

Too many slip in needing a handout

We have to look after the people who are here, in education, health and superstructure, sewerage, water transport etc.. Consideration must also be for changes in technology that may reduce the need for labour. Need to increase individual productivity, per ca-pita.and that goes hand in hand with up skilling, not just bringing in immigrants. Beware of lobby groups, education industry, needing more foreign students. Building construction, industry needing more people, so driving a demand for more immigrants. It is the current people in NZ that need to be motivated, technologized upskilled educated to be worth something in this country,

Upgrade vetting of Islamic refugees, preference should be given to other ideologies/religions that fit in with existing rights and safety of NZ citizens and residents.

We need immigrants from cultures that will integrate into our society

Immigrants should be allowed in based on their ability to offer skills and knowledge where the country is deficient and to assimilate within NZ society. Those from a non-Muslim background are more likely to meet this requirement

Islamic migration needs to be banned. Islam has proven that it’s followers will not integrate into the society of the host country.

My associates in my age group at least (60-70) generally are concerned about muslim immigration

Our policy should be more like Switzerland’s, and expect people to integrate properly.

Allowing in Muslim refugees is a threat to our culture, security and ultimately the rule of parliament passed laws.The Muslim faith is a whole system of government that doesn’t respect what already exists. Once enough arrive the agitation for Sharia law will begin

No, two reasons. Too many articles like this in the paper. These are not genuine work visa cases … and plenty of NZ’ers who could do the work if they got off their arse. Reason 2, pressure it puts on infrastructure including housing. Simple supply and demand says if immigration too high, prices rises will rise unless you are planning to build enough to meet new demand

Generally satisfied with our immigration policy

We need politicians with the courage to prevent the situation currently prevailing in Europe, and beginning to emerge in Australia, by allowing only cultures with a proven ability and desire to integrate into our society. We need to learn from other country’s mistakes, and ensure that the percentage of Muslim immigrants does never exceed 2% of the population, at which point trouble can be expected.

I am an immigrant who met and kiwi and moved here 15 years ago. I had to prove that I could speak English despite the fact that I had grown up in Zimbabwe, now lived in South Africa and both my parents were British European – I think that immigrants should also meet this requirement – we all know that there are many entering this country who cannot speak a word of english. Also stop allowing all their family members coming over unless they meet all the immigration requirements – speak English and can work. too many immigrants are bringing their family.

-Whaleoil survey on Immigration

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