Question seven: If ACT, NZ First or National made strong changes to immigration policy that you liked, would that be enough to retain or gain your vote next election?


My motivation for creating a survey on immigration was to get an accurate snapshot of what a  Conservative/ Libertarian voter  thinks about immigration in New Zealand. I wanted this snap shot  primarily for David Seymour  as he commented that the small changes Act had proposed for immigration did not gain any support from this blog and resulted in a lot of negativity from the media.

Winston Peters of course has always been vocal about immigration, I hope this survey gives him some insight on what our real concerns about immigration are. Are we anti-immigration? Or do we think immigration is a good thing?

John Key likes to implement policies that will be popular with voters so he too should find this survey useful.I think he will be surprised at what it shows.

Due to our large audience we easily surveyed over one thousand voters in less than a day. This survey is not of the general population but of a specific conservative/libertarian audience. I gave two yes options and two no options for every  question.

Here are the results for question seven: If the Act Party, NZ First or the National Party made strong changes to immigration that you liked would that be a policy popular enough to retain or gain your vote next election?

A majority of 82% consider the issue to be important enough to influence how they vote. This is something that our conservative parties need to take on board this election. Other questions in the survey have shown us that while attitudes toward immigration are generally positive, what is wanted is protection of New Zealand’s culture and values by ensuring that immigrants will both contribute to and be compatible with our Kiwi way of life.

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The most important factor is to have an able party in government but immigration is very important as it will have serious repercussions in the future.

It is an important issue and I would vote against a party that did not protect NZ values. NZ values will change with immigration but radical changes/values such as Sharia law are not appropriate for NZ

When deciding who to vote for I look at parties’ entire policy platforms, not just one issue like immigration, but immigration policy is something that I consider.

It could become important if the disparity between party policies were to widen enough

Muslims should not be allowed into NZ because they are divisive and do not assimilate. Most favour the introduction of Sharia law which has no place in NZ. There is too much risk of radical ISIS supporters and sympathisers being among those let in. Muslims are peaceful, but Islam is not.

Concentrate on who, not how many.

Please stop being so middle ground and pc…. Call it what it is and stand up for all kiwis. If immigrants don’t assimilate to be a kiwi they don’t deserve the right to come to NZ. Call out the Muslim immigration and stop bringing in all Muslims until you can guarantee no harm to any kiwi will result

This issue is important but not the only one . . .

Would contribute only

It will not be the main reason in deciding whom I will vote for but it is a very important one.

Immigration policy is important but so is economic policy

I would vote Act but never NZ First

Depends totally on their immigration policy. Winston first is too extreme.

The issue is not important enough yet.

Somalians are the next crime wave and will make the current NZ gangs look like nanas tea party.

Immigration is only one plank in the policy boardwalk

stupid question

Yes, but this is not solely the policy that will determine my vote

Tax breaks are more important.

without peaceful, well behaved, hard working immigrants to make up the numbers and help grow the economy kiwis will find ourselves drowning under the rising tide of DPB breeders

This issue is only one of many that would influence my vote. Economic management is much more important

Immigration alone would not change my vote but it could influence future voting when and if the immigration policy was detrimental to NZ culture, democracy and interests.

Yes, except for NZ First.

All political parties are to scared of the liberal MSM. Its about they showed some ball.

Not voting for Act or National. Traditional labour voter who can’t stand Andrew Little (former Air NZ employee who remembers him in charge of the EPMU and who shafted us in 2006). I’m voting NZ First.

Already an Act voter due to living in Epsom

full and final on treaty/get rid of

Yes I would swallow a dead rat and vote Winston

Yes, but subject to agreeing with other important policies

Yes, it would be one policy I would take into consideration. I would not consider it major, though.

But they are all corrupt as hell, so it will make no difference anyway. Problem lies with MSM and Corporations that tow the liberal line, that Whites must be exterminated. John Key has already stated he has no problem with UNHCR vetting muddle east “refugees”, and he must know they only cater for Jihadist Muslims. JK sent a Muslim ( Groser ) to represent us in the US, McCulley is a rabid Palestinian supporter and takes bribes from Saudi Cattlemen. A new party must be formed, that will put NZ citizens first.

I also think that National need to look seriously at reducing the residence approval target to ease pressure on house prices, and interest rates. Michael Reddell has written extensively on this.

This is but one issue to determine a vote on

It would depend on what those changes are – carefully reasoned, logical changes yes, knee-jerk reactions to counter the NZ First effect, no

Somewhat important

Some tweaking is needed, I don’t believe a radical shift is a good approach. Tighten it to skills and assimilation and that willl be good enough.

My vote would depend this issue combined with other import important issues , such as curbing the treaty of waitangi claims

I am a national voter. I wrote to minister Woodhouse about this. His reply was a fob off. I will vote on immigration policy. Currently I hate to say that means I will be voting Peters

It is becoming more important, as I have read the koran. hadiths and sira. Please can more korans, be published with glossary and aids to understand what Mohammad was about. Importantly we must preserve “free speech” as in per the “USA” system so that all things can be openly discussed. They must be for the people of NZ, not global commissionars etc. Of the people, by the people, for the people, not just change the people ! ! and thankyou for a chance of a word, or 2

Depends on other issues and policies also.

I would not vote for NZ First as I believe it has a low probability of being able to implement its policy. I would be vote Act or National if they implemented such a policy.

Act or National – but I would not vote for NZ First as don’t trust them to stick to their word.

It’s not the only issue that will influence my vote.

While this issue IS important to me, it wouldn’t decide my vote. It would be a major issue though.

You only have to look at the lessons of Europe and Australia to see that Muslim immigration is detrimental to those societies.

lukewarm on this

Important, but not solely a reason I would change my voting preference.

An important issue that will impact my children and their children

I will be making my voting choice on this matter alone. I think the current govt is doing a good job with the finances, but immigration is my number one concern and would override all other voting criteria

Issue is moderately important –

I always look over all policies and vote for the one l think is best for the country, not necessarily for me

The leadership of all the various parties need to wake up to just how serious the muslim immigration issue in particular is and educate themselves on the matter. The islamic belief system is not compatible with democracy and is a serious problem. It needs to be made very clear that it is not welcome in New Zealand.

New Zealand does not need more $2.00 shops; taxi drivers; restaurants/ takeaways employing family members only. I will vote for a party who recognizes we need immigrants who share New Zealand values and quality over quantity. No speculators; no mass immigration of only one culture eg Chinese and Muslims

Parents are bringing kids to school while wearing full Burqa. There is nothing moderate about the values they are bringing to this area.

No Immigration while important is not the only policy that warrants attention for my vote.

No Western country should be allowing mass immigration, let alone mass immigration from third-world regions. There are plenty of places for those people to live and we are not responsible for adopting the entire planet. Mass immigration is not good for any country. Yes, GDP grows when more people are thrown into a country, but quality of life for those living there decreases. Plus, higher GDP means nothing if crime and welfare use escalate. It’s moving money from one pocket into the other with zero benefits.

It might be a tie-break between National and Act, but lets face, I will never vote NZ First

My vote will depend on a range of policies, predominantly economic ones. I would not change my vote based solely on a party’s immigration policy, but it may be a factor alongside a whole suite of policies.

It could be important but I never vote on one issue only

Would never vote NZF and am cautious about ACT. At present National is the best of a bad lot.

No; this is an important issue, that I will weigh up with a host of other issues when I vote.

-Whaleoil Immigration Survey

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