Question three: Should assimilation be required for citizenship, like Switzerland’s immigration policy?


My motivation for creating a survey on immigration was to get an accurate snapshot of what a ?Conservative/ Libertarian voter ?thinks about immigration in New Zealand. I wanted this snap shot ?primarily for David Seymour ?as he commented that the small changes Act had proposed for immigration did not gain any support from this blog and resulted in a lot of negativity from the media.

Winston Peters of course has always been vocal about immigration, I hope this survey gives him some insight on what our real concerns about immigration are. Are we anti-immigration? Or do we think immigration is a good thing?

John Key likes to implement policies that will be popular with voters so he too should find this survey useful.I think he will be surprised at what it shows.

Due to our large audience we easily surveyed over one thousand voters in less than a day. This survey is not of the general population but of a specific conservative/libertarian audience. I gave two yes options and two no options for every ?question.

Here are the results for question three: Should assimilation be required for citizenship like Switzerland’s immigration policy?

A majority of 91% responded that assimilation should be a requirement for citizenship.

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For more detail on respondents’ thoughts on the issue here are all comments unedited. A common word mentioned in the responses was culture.

Education of what is expected.

Depends on definition of ?assimilation?. I?m referring to harmony, not lack of diversity

Assimilation should be compulsory but we should also prevent immigration from certain groups who have shown themselves reluctant to do so.

A real test speaking English would help . Sorry a definite no Muslims they really dont like us .I have had 3 experiences of these people given a lot of help and time .they will turn on you at the drop of a hat and they are not backward in being racist

Permanent residents should also meet assimilation requirements.

We can never deny our heritage but we can choose the country/culture we live in; We must respect and acknowledge that culture

Contribution is much more important than subjective ideas of “assimilation”

Totally agree with Switzerland’s policy. When is the west going to realise Islam is a political system which at odds with or free and open society. They do not what to assimilate.

I am very concerned about large numbers of Muslims immigrating to NZ. The fact that we have low numbers means we have not had any jihadist or lone wolf attacks. In addition muslims do not respect the freedom and rights of women and gay people. We should not introduce people who will not assimilate to New Zealand culture.

NZ is based on a secular society… where religion/superstition will never influence government policy… EVER! A common language + proficiency should be mandatory! NZ has 1 legal system, if the law is broken the law should be enforced… not altered for anyone/group! NZ should teach a nation wide, law based ‘Moral code of conduct’. NZ is based on a secular society… where religion/superstition will never influence government policy… EVER!

Essential to sign up migrants to NZ values and then enforce this.

Integration, not assimilation

There is only one collective set of NZ cultural values on the planet. They are proving desirable and need protection.

but only if they have similar culture and religion- absolutely no Muslims, no Hindu, no Sikh, no elderly, only those who will make NZ a better place FOR OUR FAMILIES, as well as theirs. The way it was in the old days, and absolutely no handouts/benefits OF ANY KIND.

must leaf English – no sneaking in grandparents who will never assimilate

No intent / effort to assimilate = no stay

NZ law, one law for all, and then you are free to enjoy NZ, community/.

Complete assimilation.

This would include absolutely no accommodation of demands for workplace prayer rooms, time off to pray, separate access to public swimming pools for men and women etc. Any manifestations at all of sharia law should be illegal in New Zealand. Halal certification should be banned as should the public wearing of burqas.

Only western immigration should be allowed.

We should exclude cultures that have shown fundamentally to be incompatible with Western society. Signing a document proclaiming values is not enough. We should actively exclude groups that have shown they do not want to integrate.

If immigration low, assimilation more likely to occur

We need to take back our sovereignty and not be dictated to by the UN as to which immigrants (i.e. refugees) we accept into NZ. The UN has a political agenda which does not have the best interests of NZ at heart. I expect our government to have the courage to do what is best for NZ. To date I have been sadly disappointed.

How can you define assimilation? if you can’t even define it you can’t make it law

A test on NZ’s values, culture and way of life should be sat by all immigrants who intend to stay in this country for more than 1 year.

-Whaleoil Immigration survey