Really? Get some brains

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This came in on the tipline last night:

“How can you be supporting the lefty corey hebberd, He’s the chairman of Marlborough Labour!”

I don’t see how I am supporting Corey Hebberd (whether he is Labour or not) by publishing a late night email from a bullying Mayor.

I’ve never met Corey Hebberd, but by all accounts he is a pretty capable fellow even if he is in the Labour party.

Personally, I couldn’t care less what party he is in. My target is the bullying late night emailing mayor who is bullying people into silence with his legal threats.  

That is unbecoming of a mayor or, indeed, any politicians irrespective of the politics of the victim of the bullying.

The tipster, who didn’t have the courage to give me his name, should think about that.

The flip side is that my anonymous correspondent thinks it is OK to bully and threaten people late at night via email.

It is unacceptable for mayors to be bullying and intimidating anyone. I think Alistair Sowman should just give it away, because now I’m on his case.

Given his behaviour, perhaps he should change his name to Alistair Pigman.


– tipline


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  • Bling Bling

    You should have heard the moral inpigment snuffling from the throne yesterday. Curiously no one had a right of reply…of course. Bullying is par for the course here. Ask a certain bank manager why he was subject to an attempted censure for expressing a personal view on a certain transaction by a certain public corporate entity and non client of the bank!

    • Dave

      And that is what the top line is for, an email about it with some of the “juice” usually gets actioned.