Serious misconduct – not something you’d expect if they’re registered

An angry teacher reading a student's composition book and raising a ruler.

An Auckland high school teacher has been found guilty of serious misconduct following a number of bullying incidents that included her showing a “vindictive attitude” towards students.

The female teacher, who has permanent name suppression, was the subject of a number of complaints from Year 13 students of the unnamed school.

In a decision released by the New Zealand Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal, the particulars of the charge says: “For a sustained period of time, she had and failed to address inappropriate and/ or deficit relationship with her students.”

The document goes on to tell of several incidents in which she either singled out, bullied or acted in a less than professional manner towards her students.

The incidents included failing to take reasonable steps to discover a student was dyslexic and therefore tailor her teaching style to help them.

She treated that same student’s presentation in class as a joke and reduced another student to tears.

Another incident saw her looking up a student’s posts on a site called Ask.FM and later referred to the posts in class, telling students words to the effect of: “I know what you all got up to in the weekend and how f***ed up you all got.

Yes, another registered story.? Thank goodness this one is just at a level of immaturity rather than sexual perversion or assault.? But even so, how can someone so clearly unsuitable for the classroom not have been weeded out during training?


– Vaimoana Tapaleao, NZ Herald