Social justice warrior doesn’t deliver but keeps the money

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Social justice warrior and feminist @KivaBay Kiva Smith-Pearson started a crowdfunding campaign so that she could produce a feminist deck of cards. Social justice warriors everywhere enthusiastically backed her project. In no time at all she had met her financial goal, which she had told them was enough to produce the cards. The updates on how the project were going soon trickled to a halt  and a couple of backers showed concern.

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Eventually she wrote an explanation that I cannot access because I am not a backer. From what I can tell from the comments, she told them that she was not going to go ahead with the project because she was suffering from depression. At this point any moral person would then refund everyone their money but that is not what has happened. It turns out that when your backers are social justice warriors not only do they want you to keep their money for not producing anything, they will enthusiastically congratulate you for trying. Failure is obviously something that they are very comfortable with, as well as people getting money for nothing.



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Given the  forgiving and generous nature of her backers I am am inspired to do some crowdfunding myself. How about creating feminist underwear? I will make my target goal $50,000  and when that is achieved  I will apologise profusely for my failure and explain  that I cannot go ahead with the project because the patriarchy is keeping me down.



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  • Miguel

    Man, this is like being raped and then covering up the crime (or pertinent details thereof) in sympathy for the rapist…oh wait….

  • I think Labor have just found the solution for their lack of funds due to deadset useless management.
    A nice round million could be their target to produce a new range of minority group tea towels (but none of the Asian sounding countries)

  • Bombastic

    This confirms my suspicion that Social Justice Warriors are not good with money. For a while there I thought they dress the way they do deliberately rather than out of necessity.

  • Cadwallader

    A “feminist deck of cards?” How absurd. What about a feminist pair of chop-sticks, a feminist line in tooth-brushes, a feminist rat-trap, a feminist air conditioning unit etc… The sentiment is nuts and those who were deluded enough to subscribe to it deserve to lose their funds.

  • JohnO

    No wonder she has depression. She has found out that she has become lying thieving con-artist and her contributers afre confirming her in that life-long description.

  • Max Rennie

    A fool and his (her) money are easily parted.

    • Boondecker

      Exactly what I thought. The whole ‘give a little’ thing has always appeared to me to be a magnet for suckers who want to give away their hard earned dosh for little if anything because it makes them feel good.

  • Don O’Brien

    Maybe the Social Justice Warriors were not spending their own money.

  • XCIA

    Is she just a scam artiste?

  • Mick Ie

    I’m considering starting my own crowd-funding toward no goal at all. Just because.
    But as I’m not classed as a minority of anything, nor suffering depression, but am employed and own my own property, I’m pretty sure I’d be accused of being a rich-prickess and con-artist, with the intention of exploiting those most in need.

    • Des

      Brilliant. Straight White Patriarch give a little, that should wind a few people up!!

    • NahYeah

      perhaps you could “identify” as transgender homeless

  • KatB

    SB, should you decide to do some crowd funding, might I suggest you get Leonie Theissen, (from comments above), on board. She sounds like somebody wishing to give 2nd, 3rd, 4th chances. Even though she’s lost her money on ALL projects she’s backed, it’s sounds like she can certainly spot a winner. Good luck with the underwear, I’m sure it will be restrictive, transparent and sure to fill a crack in the market.

    • spanishbride

      Check these out…

      • KatB

        Perfect, where should Leonie send her donation?

  • Isherman

    Just proves you don’t need a full deck to play the Joker card.

    • shykiwibloke

      Joker? Not in a feminists deck – it would have to be the old maid.

      • NahYeah

        Old Maid? Not in a feminists deck – It would have to be the “wise elderly home administrator”

    • XCIA

      A Nigerian scammer perhaps??

      • Isherman

        Nah, they don’t offer explanations normally, the payment confirmation is the last thing you’ll hear of it.

        • XCIA

          In my limited scam experience, they offer all sorts of BS excuses that lead on to more heart wrenching lies endeavouring to extract more coin from the gullible mark.

  • localnews

    Why would it cost 30k to produce a pack of cards?
    A few pictures, ship them off to China to be printed, couldn’t take longer than an afternoon surely

  • Day Day

    Perhaps she lost the 30k over a game of cards.

  • Kiwiracer

    Wonder what IRD think about it all

    • hookerphil

      What about WINZ?