Spontaneous Twitter outbursts, Labour-style



The Comprehensive Plan Plan.


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  • R&BAvenger

    Still thinking that Twitter is the real world? Oh dear.

    • Chris EM

      Still thinking they have the ability to comprehensively run the country, too.

  • shykiwibloke

    And these people represent the best, the cream of the labour crop, showing us why we should elect them? I think they need to grow up and dispense with class note passing, and demonstrate some responsibility first!

  • Pluto

    My liver’s still recovering from playing the “middle New Zealand” game.

  • Rokopa

    Labour’s repeated use of the word “crisis” displays a lack of comprehension.

    • Big_Al

      I think you’ll find the word “crisis” refers to their current position and situation.
      They will do well to understand its meaning clearly because they will remain in this state for quite a long time unless they can lift their game and become a “positive” party.

  • Vutekno

    They will be clearly annoyed that National are using the word “Comprehensive” since Angry Little has announced that he will be issuing his “Comprehensive housing plan” on Sunday apparently.

    Once again National are pulling Littles leg, hence the tweeter storm from the usual suspects. The really are pathetically inadequate.

    • Sailor Sam

      The twitters are twittering amongst themselves.
      Judging by the hashtags, these were seemingly transmitted during question time, which is supposed to be a no-no?
      Somebody better qualified than me would be able to confirm.

  • NahYeah

    Labour needs to have their own version of: “Word of the Day”. Today’s word is: “comprehensive”, e.g “Labour was comprehensively beaten at the last election”.

  • Wasapilot

    And these people are trying to convince us they are ready and able to govern our country.

    Primary school level antics from preschool level minds.

  • XCIA

    I guess the one thing that “Twitter” and the Labour Party have in common is that they are both cash strapped. It would be nice if they both folded together.

    • Seriously?

      That, and the “twit” part.

  • Chris M

    Can anyone explain when an ‘issue’ becomes a ‘crisis’?

    • Minnie Mouse

      It becomes a ‘crisis’ when the MSM deem it so.

    • Huia

      Only seems to be when Labor get hold of it I think.
      Then all these so called crisis amount to nothing and fizzle out.

  • Sally

    Kelvin was a bit behind. A drinking game at QT. There would have been a queue to the toilet by the time QT finished today. Childish behaviour.

    • Gazza

      Is this the same Kelvin Davis that told us all the Aussie crims returned to NZ , did he not tell us every single crim was only for petty crime

  • kayaker

    I watched some of question time today. Labour’s questioning of JK and others on housing was pathetic. They seem to be on a ‘comprehensive’ campaign. Angry and others built the word ‘comprehensive’ into their questions. It just fell flat. JK, Nick and Paula wiped the floor with them.

  • kayaker

    Then there’s this… Labour/Greens (Twyford/Davidson) teaming up to hold an enquiry into homelessness. This should be interesting – by choice, many homeless don’t want to be bothered; and with Twyford involved this is bound to throw up false information.

    • Mick Ie

      They are holding their own enquiry? Good. I’ll look forward to their impartial analysis and new policies that won’t include higher taxes to rectify…

      • Huia

        That will be enlightening.

      • hsvmaloo

        Just like his own enquiry into foreign property ownership. Can’t wait for the forensic analysis of this misleading enquiry and the fallout leading up to the next election.

    • Woody

      I was going to suggest Dumb and Dumber but more like Two Flew out of the Cuckoo’s Nest.

    • SAM51

      It’s great – the last time they held an enquiry into the “manufacturing crisis” they found out there wasn’t one.

    • Gazza

      And how can these nohopers to tell the truth with their findings , Twyford is the worst person in the house with the truth

    • zotaccore

      Marama Davidson should be a Labour MP, she really is a nasty piece of work. The whole world is against her and her ilk and she has such a contemptuous demeanor in the chamber when debating.

  • Big_Al

    Good to see that the Labour politicians are spending their taxpayer funded salaries wisely and constructively towards the good of our country and the people in it.
    What a useless bunch of tits they are. It’s no wonder that they are polling so badly.

  • cows4me

    The head office has spoken.

  • biscuit barrel

    has ‘comprehensive plan’ replaced ‘rich prick’ as the phrase du jour.

    This homeless meme has been taken up/ started elsewhere

    “Vancouver homeless count reveals 10-year high – British Columbia .”

    “Increase in Brisbane women seeking help for homelessness”

    Depends on what you are looking for, still lots of celebrity stories.

  • Huia

    They really are just like a bunch of half witted school bullies with their twittering.
    So childish and silly.
    So many big issues in the world and they haven’t got the nous to put together any positivity.

    • Nermal

      I thought it was more like a school English class.
      Q3. Write a sentence containing the word “comprehensive”

  • JC

    Homelessness is a crisis alright.. you can read about it here in this Parliamentary report..


    To quote one relevant piece on Auckland 2013/14..

    “The Auckland City Mission’s 2013 Street Count was conducted on the evening of 10 March.

    68 people were found to be sleeping rough (living without shelter),
    and eight people who might otherwise have been sleeping rough were
    accommodated at the James Liston Hostel. A further 13 people who again
    would have slept rough were in institutional care. The average number of
    ‘rough sleepers’ identified over the past ten years on each count
    equated to 71 persons with their number averaging 65 over the last three

  • zotaccore

    The Nasty Party is at it again. It’s interesting how far they will become in being irrelevant in the NZ political scene. Will there be a split if Labour MP’s vote no confidence in Little, just as has happened with Corbyn in the UK? Seems the NZLP isn’t watching closely enough what is happening over there nor learning anything from it. Even NZLP supporters that I know are tired of the sloppiness of Little and his team. In particular they are sick to death of Annette King squawking all the time on the front bench, Ian Lees-Galloway’s childish yells of laughter every time a govt question is asked in the chamber… there’s much more from observation of the Labour MP’s that they are not fit to lead a country.