Suggestions for Labour’s 5100 places in emergency houses per year

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In the unlikely event that Labour are the government next election they have made a reckless promise to fund 5100 more emergency places in housing each year. One of the key problems they will have to face is the shortage of land in popular cities like Auckland. So, I have  made some suggestions for cost-effective and small homes to make the 5100 places both more doable  and more affordable.

Wrongly Wrongson on The Daily Blog is fond of referring to New Zealanders as sleepy hobbits so why not take some inspiration from hobbit architecture?

Thin is beautiful so why not look at more narrow houses to make the most of the land available?


weburbanist.com468 × 462Search by image cramped houses

weburbanist.com468 × 462Search by image
cramped houses

Islam is very popular with the leftie crowd so why not be inspired by mosque architecture and be culturally sensitive? If you want to appeal to the gay community at the same time the answer is obvious: paint them pink.

UNIQUE HOUSES on Pinterest | Unusual Houses, Weird Houses and Tree Houses

UNIQUE HOUSES on Pinterest | Unusual Houses, Weird Houses and Tree Houses

The Green party are in bed with Labour now so why not guarantee their support with these solar-powered little beauties? Best of all they are on trailers and so can be moved easily on to a section with no council permission required.

Tiny House Giant Journey & the Tiny Tack House

Tiny House Giant Journey & the Tiny Tack House

There is no need for state-provided housing to be boring. This unique design will provide both housing AND transport for its lucky homeless family.

Japanese tea houses spring from the roofs of ordinary-looking trucks, ornate handcrafted cabins are tacked onto school buses and fire trucks are converted ...

Japanese tea houses spring from the roofs of ordinary-looking trucks, ornate handcrafted cabins are tacked onto school buses and fire trucks are converted …

How many of these could you fit on to a standard quarter section in Auckland do you think? They could be arranged around a shared vegetable garden in order to both feed and house the homeless.



Going small does not mean doing without. Have a look at the delightful interiors of these two tiny homes.





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  • Sailor Sam

    Go to any IKEA store in the world and there are dozens of ideas for

  • DangerMice

    They can make like Aussie miners and bung a few of these blocks up

  • andrewo

    Little Andy needs to give me a call.
    I could help him buy a few thousand temporary homes based on 20ft shipping containers. It’s easy. We do it for construction projects in remote sites and they’re quite acceptable living quarters.
    But he would have to solve the following problems for himself:
    1. Find land to put them
    2. Get resource consent
    3. Get building consent
    4. Provide the infrastructure: Power supply, water supply, sewerage system, road access.
    (The point I’m making is that building homes is really easy, but getting a recalcitrant council onside isn’t)

    • shykiwibloke

      Perfect. Don’t want to make the emergency accomodation too comfortable otherwise a number of people will continue to find justification for emergencies in accomodation!

  • NahYeah

    It’s good enough for the Japanese:

  • Canucktoo

    Is that Grant Robertson’s twin brother in the yellow tie???

    • Chris EM

      I thought it was Grant Robertson offering Angry another boutique beer.

  • kayaker

    You forgot the tent. The type that actual aspirational home-owners actually use when they are renovating their homes that they own.

  • Boondecker

    They could get the kindly Welshman, George Clarke, from the TV programme, ‘Amazing Places’, over to help. He always finds these interesting people keen to build awesome tiny houses on equally tiny budgets to live and vacation in for his show. A target of 5100 doesn’t seem that big an ask then, does it… or does it?

    The main problem I see with the idea, of course, is that when you hand over some timber, a hammer and a bag of nails to the kind of voters, sorry, people that Labour want to help, they are very likely to start whinging and moaning to the Media Party that they have to do some work to put a roof over their heads…

  • waldopepper

    in all seriousness, these smaller homes may well be the way of the future. a bit like apartments in new york, where you have one room, that contains a bed, a small kitchenette and a toilet/shower in a small room off that.

  • localnews

    Andrew has yet to address the meth problem. We know that meth addicts are evicted from state houses, will his emergency housing allow people to stay once the houses are contaminated?
    I wonder how much the homeless figure would reduce if we took out the people who have been evicted from state housing because of their meth habit?
    Maybe Andrew needs to double his figure so each person has two houses, one for living in and one being decontaminated. They could rotate every two weeks until Andrew gets sick of them.

    • sheppy

      Don’t forget those that would rather be homeless than give up their dog after its damaged the states house…

  • Second time around

    Andy has inadvertently acknowledged that the problem is supply, and that it can be met by increasing supply. The genius of Labour’s plan is that there will be no demand whatsoever from China or from returning Kiwis (except Kelvin’s boys) for any of Andy’s doss houses: the homeless 45000 will all be cared for, at 5100 per year, in time for Labour’s 125th birthday celebrations.

  • Cadwallader

    I think the first thing Labour and the msm need to do is refrain from bandying about the term “housing crisis.” What makes this a crisis? It may well present a few difficulties which are not insurmountable but it isn’t a crisis. If the so-called homeless are prepared to move out of AKL to places where there are houses and jobs available the mythical 41,000 homeless number may well evaporate. I suppose the word “crisis” evokes a scandal which can be sheeted home to the present government while if it were simply a “difficulty” the government would earn acclaim for fixing it. The politics need to be withdrawn from this issue. I think the # 41,000 homeless originates from the musings of a mediocre singer rather than from some sober statistics?

  • Bob Dazzler

    With the Labour losers its just talk, talk and more talk.

  • Mcmad

    My parents arrived here in 1962 from the Netherlands as housing wasn’t available for them in their native lands – you had to live with your parents – 9 years after arriving with nothing and on to their second home they received a letter from the Dutch government advising them a house had become available – wasn’t a choice. I think they would laugh at our “crisis”

  • Dave

    This appeared on WO about 2 weeks ago, but i can’t find the article, video is the same, I loved the simplicity, yet functionality. Emergency accommodation, or homeless….

    • Nessie

      Well. That would get me out working quick smart. It’a prison, right?

  • Mick Ie

    5100 more housing places each year?
    Each year, will there be:-
    Increased land available and ready to build on? No
    Infrastructure? No
    Competitively and reasonably priced building materials? No
    Available builders? No
    Just how do they propose to overcome these major obstacles?
    Yawn. Simply more utterances from the Labouring Centenarians.
    Edit: sp

  • JustanObserver

    I am sure I read there are approximately 1,100 state houses around the country that have been contaminated by P, and / or require major repairs of damage caused by tennants . . . .
    So, 1,100 houses would be approximately 4,400 beds.
    Combine that with the 1,000 or more beds which are currently available for emergency housing, it would seem we only have ‘Rat-Bag’ – ‘Feral’ – ‘Bludgers’ who are willfully wrecking our housing stock to blame …
    Oh, that’s right, they are Labour’s core voters.

  • D.Dave

    Trailer parks, we need a whole lot of trailer parks for the homeless, so they can climb up the social strata, by moving up fro “Homeless” to “Trailer park trash, It works in the good ol’ USA, so why not here. It would also serve the Labour party well, as they could hold their Annual Conference there.