Today’s Trivia



Welcome to Daily Trivia. There is a game to play here. The photo above relates to one of the items below. The first reader to correctly tell us in the comments what item the photo belongs to, and why, gets bragging rights. Sometimes they are obvious, other times the obvious answer is the decoy. Can you figure it out tonight?

Babies are often born with dark blue eyes which will often change colour several times before they set, which can be as late as when the child is 2 years old. (Source)


In 1894, London and New York were “drowning” in horse poop. It was estimated that within 50 years, London streets would be buried in 9 feet of poop and horse carcasses. But the invention of the automobile resolved the problem. (Source)


Tides are caused by gravitational forces of the moon and sun on our oceans. (Source)


The most expensive car in the world wasn’t even designed to drive on Earth. There were a total of four lunar rovers manufactured for the last three Apollo missions at a cost of $38 million, or $9.5 million per rover. (Source)


The USA shares it’s date format mm-dd-yy with only The Federated States of Micronesia, it’s called ‘middle-endian’. (Source)



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