Why do TVNZ insist on keeping the manchild employed?

If Jack Tame caters for a demographic that does not overlap Whaleoil commenters, then that would go some way to explaining his continued existence at TVNZ.? The man is an embarrassment to the profession, unless his job is to just look good, in some twisted “the women have made it” fashion where they keep some eye candy on the screen.

This isn’t just a random hit-out at the poor boy.? There is some evidence to back it up.

Yesterday Hillary Clinton had her big speech at the Democratic Convention, and apart from you agreeing or disagreeing with her policies, she had a few good one liners in there.?? One of them was directed at Trump, and it was a doozy.


Agree or not, that was a great line.? And our own politicians reacted to it.?



With this as a backdrop, this is what Mr Jack Tame came up with to provide in-depth analysis from his lofty perch as TVNZ’s political reporter who is actually reporting on the convention while in the USA:


If there is any need to trim the budget, I’d know where I’d put the knife.


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