The UK are going to hell in a handcart

First this


and now this 




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  • Cadwallader

    There was a time when the only plagues which befell London were sorted out by well trained rat-catchers.

    • Raibert

      I think it’s probably true that they still are, just the rats have morphed into media hacks and the catchers into bloggers.

      • NahYeah

        And the fleas are instigating sharia law.

        • Mikex

          I think that big fire will come again…..

  • sandalwood789

    I’ll bet that a certain ex-squash-player here would say the same thing.

  • SFB

    Great click-bait Teknonym. I’ll get some context elsewhere then shall I?

      • SFB

        Tongue was firmly in cheek.

      • NahYeah

        From that article:

        “Baroness Cox, the independent peer who has spearheaded a Parliamentary drive to change the law to rein in unofficial Sharia courts said there was a danger the inquiry could be a “distraction” from the urgency of tackling discrimination.”

        Surely if they have to change the law to rein in the unofficial ones, then that means that they do have current legal status?

  • Mayskee

    How on earth can anyone,let alone a woman, think sharia law is good for the UK.

  • Disinfectant

    I want to see independent proof that Theresa May said this.

    • Nechtan
      • Disinfectant

        Angela Leadsom gets another crack in the second round if deciding who will lead the Conservatives.

      • SFB

        What she actually said. From the UK govt site.

        Home Secretary Theresa May said:

        Many British people of different faiths follow religious codes and practices, and benefit a great deal from the guidance they offer.

        A number of women have reportedly been victims of what appear to be discriminatory decisions taken by sharia councils, and that is a significant concern. There is only one rule of law in our country, which provides rights and security for every citizen.

        Professor Siddiqui, supported by a panel with a strong balance of academic, religious and legal expertise, will help us better understand whether and the extent to which sharia law is being misused or exploited and make recommendations to the government on how to address this.

        • NahYeah

          The force is strong in this one, it takes her only two consecutive sentences to contradict herself:

          “There is only one rule of law in our country……” “….the extent to which sharia law is being misused or exploited….”

          Edit: Oh wait, I get it, that isn’t actually a contradiction if sharia law is the only law of the country.

          • phronesis

            And you will note that that one law provides “rights and security for every citizen”, not equal rights though!

        • spanishbride

          Sharia is discriminatory that is the whole point! If it is properly applied women are discriminated against and not treated equally. Therefore since it is all about inequality in the first place how can this ignorant woman support it?

          • biscuit barrel

            Same applies to jewish Bet Din courts , only men can initiate a divorce. They are being considered alongside sharia courts in UK

          • Johnno

            Does this silly woman even understand the true position of women under Sharia and Islam?

  • North Shore Panda

    Nothing new here. Germany is streets ahead.

  • Bartman

    God save (the next) King!

    • AndrewML

      God will be the next King!

  • jaundiced

    Its all OK.
    For the enquiry she will be advised by two leading imams. The enquiry won’t be concerned about whether the teachings themselves discriminate against women, but only if Sharia law has been misapplied.
    In other words, as long as the discrimination is applied properly and in accordance with Sharia law.
    What does the other candidate have to say on the matter?

    • BMSKiwi

      Leadsom? She won’t have a bar of it. Maggie’s heir.

  • Intrigued

    Baroness Cox astutely observes the problems with Theresa May’s inquiry and her claim that Sharia law is being “misused or exploited.”
    “”My reservation is that it won’t get to the root of the problem …. a lot of Muslim women I know say that the men in their communities just laugh at this proposed investigation, that they will go underground so the investigation will have to be very robust.” 
    She also took issue with Mrs May’s suggestion that that it discrimination is only a result of a “misuse” of Sharia teaching rather than the teaching itself.
    “I believe in freedom of religion and I believe that there are aspects of Sharia law that are totally unproblematic,” she said.
    “If Muslims want to fast, well Christians do that at Lent; if they want to pray five times a day, that’s more than I do.
    “But the aspects which are causing such concerns – such as that a man can divorce his wife by saying ‘I divorce you’ three times – that is inherent; the right to ‘chastise’ women is inherent; polygamy is inherent.
    “I don’t think those things are a distortion or Sharia law.
    “These are aspects of Sharia law which are unacceptable.””

    It will be interesting to see whether May is in fact confronted with the uncomfortable truth about Sharia arising from this inquiry and does anything to stop its abuses.

    She is right that many British people “benefit a great deal” from the guidance offered by Sharia teaching. The imams do. The Muslim men who abuse their wives do.

    Nope. As the saying goes, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Sharia is inherently oppressive, discriminatory, and against all accepted fundamental principles of human rights. It should be outlawed full stop. It has no place in a civilised society.

  • Second time around

    I presume there is still only one law of the land, and the appellate courts and privy council abide by it. In NZ there are many ways to get justice, family conferences, youth courts, mediation, arbitration, and the court system. A mediator can be a respected member of a church or tribe, retired judges, anyone. If the parties are happy with the process, the name given to it is irrelevant. Only if Sharia Law is imposed on a party to a dispute without their agreement (something that seems to happen in Malaysia), or is not subject to review by appellate courts there is a problem.

  • cows4me

    I bet if sharia had laws on the distribution of wealth or a limiting amount of tax the government can take the gates of hell would be thrown open. The would be very little sharia law then, the tanks would be on the streets. Politicians who back this nonsense are nothing more than gutless wonders and traitors to their own people. One day these idiot politicians will wake up to see what little authority they once had is totally gone and it’s everyone for themselves as the rule of law means nothing.

    • biscuit barrel

      Sharia does prohibit interest on loans- so no student loans then ?

      • Really?

        I think you will find the idiotic last Labour government made student loans interest free already.
        (Yes, you can loss the interest free status – but they all start interest free).
        Not sure if Labour did that as a sly start towards Sharia law – but who knows with those clowns.

        • The Fat Man

          What I find interesting is that we have swapped the right to a free education, to the right to borrow money to be educated.

          What is going to happen when the biggest asset on the Government balance sheet is student loans, that cannot or will not be repaid.

          When the debt slaves who owe this money are working just to pay the interest, with no hope of ever repaying the principle.

          Already student loans and TAX debt cannot be written off, with bankruptcy, what next exempt death as well, with the next generation picking up the tab.

        • Tiger

          No students at all, except koranic ones.

      • kiwisnab

        You are correct, but there is also a “fee” for taking out a sharia loan, which, quite conveniently, equates to the current lending rate….

  • Doc45

    The next few month are vital for the UK. There are too many signs of “backsliding” following the Brexit vote. Some of the dopey young people in England and a few of these “enlightened” Conservatives need a reality check. For 800 years the Brits have led the world in matters of law, government, rights(real not imagined) and court process. Fiddle with it at great risk.
    I don’t see an obvious replacement for Cameron. If they were smart they would hire Farage for a year or so.

    • The Fat Man

      I think Farage has stepped down to soon.

      It would not be the First time that a referendum has been ignored by a Government.

      Look at the end result of all our citizens initiated referendum.

      • Platinum Fox

        Farage is a member of the European Parliament, not of the House of Commons where UKIP has only one MP out of 650.
        As far as I am aware, he has only resigned as leader of UKIP not as a member of the European Parliament though he will be out of a job when the UK exits the EU.
        As an aside, I did wonder what authority the meeting of EU leaders had to exclude David Cameron the other day. Until such time as the UK invokes article 50 it is a fully paid up member and should be entitled to attend EU meetings.

    • BMSKiwi

      Leadsom Akhbar
      Smears notwithstanding.
      Ahead with the activists, and if the above quote is real that lead gonna grow.

      Ed. Got my Arabic muddled up

  • arnietm

    Does this mean Sharia law will be enforced in the UK. Wow a hand off here a stoning there etc.

    • Johnno

      Like this:

  • sandalwood789

    Theresa May is a seriously-nasty piece of work. She’s almost like the UK’s version of Hillary Clinton.