WAKE UP AUCKLAND! You do not have a traffic problem

Before politicians get too keen implementing tolls on roads that are already paid for…

Just driven around Auckland this morning after dropping off my kids.

Free and quiet roads at 8-8.45am. Nobody on them. We don’t have a congestion problem in Auckland.

Therefore we don’t need expensive public transport.

What we have is a cultural issue.

The roads are empty today because it’s a school holiday.

When school holidays are over we will have full roads again.

I put it to you that the congestion we experience is mostly to do with people dropping off kids who should bloody walk.

We could do a lot to make our roads better if we would focus minimal monies on solving that problem – like school buses etc – to get kids to school without mum and dad blocking up the roads to do so.

I go past MacCleans college to drop off my kids.

It’s a log jam when school is on.

Why the f*** are teenagers not walking to school?

Lazy arsed.

It’s all culture and a fear that someone might harm kids.

I reckon you make all streets surrounding schools for 1km radius No Parking between 0800-0930 and 1430-1600.

And remove school drop off areas.? When I was at school there was no such thing.

At secondary school we all rode or walked and people who were dropped off by mummy were ostracised.

That is the solution: bring back ostracisation of mummies’ kids.

And, by shear necessity, the mocking of parents who think their kids will melt in the rain, or have to negotiate a kiddy-fiddler on every corner.

It is safe to walk to school.? Statistically, it’s safer than driving a car.

So, let’s start a change in culture – it ?will clearly open up the roads for people who are trying to be productive.


– Tipline