Whaleoil readership survey results: Why do you read Whaleoil?







Responses to our set options for the question reveal that the main reason our readers read Whaleoil is?the range of serious and not-so-serious topics that we cover as it scored ?74%

The second most popular reason for reading Whaleoil was an enjoyment of political discussion which scored 44%.

In third place was because it is entertaining at 27%.

It is reassuring to get confirmation that the reason Whaleoil is New Zealand’s number one blog is because we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Unlike other political blogs we are not solely dedicated to discussing politics. It is our main focus but we aim to entertain as well. As the analysis of other questions will reveal later in the week there is also a social aspect to Whaleoil.

Forty five of you took the time to write a personal response to the question, Why do you mainly read Whaleoil? I used the text analysis available in the survey to isolate the most common words used.



The size of the word indicates how often it was used. It looks like we can thank the MSM for our audience as they come to Whaleoil to enjoy a new media source where they get facts, political news, balance, truth and points of view about Islam and other topics. Cam and kittens also are a drawcard.




Below are all written responses unedited:

I initially started reading years ago when Cam was starting to name the prominent people under name suppression. Now I like the unbiased reporting as an actual media source for facts.

I’m banned but still read and support Whaleoil

because my husband spends all day and night on here and thinks I should read it as well! 🙂

For gossip – insiders tips on what is really going on behind the headlines- the ‘off the record’ insights from politicians etc

Quite right of centre NP member

Because a) it contains factual up to date news, b) discusses current topical issues, and c) doesn’t pander to PC nonsense.

Because it clearly is one of few forums that commonsense is not classified as null and void

I enjoy the company of good honest,like-minded souls.

because the present news media doe not give news just opinion pieces

and because I prevaricate when it comes to doing the dull stuff.

…there’s nowhere else to get sensible news coverage.

I read a number of Papers round the world and then balance that with a number of blogs

To get a different opinion from that of the msm

I would consider myself moderate right wing – believe personal responsibility – at WO we get genuine political balance as opposed to the `lope sided herald, etc

I find points of view here that are not reflected or covered in the MSM

Because it is one of the few information outlets not infected by lefty liberal opinio-lists.

I find it satisfying to see a correct view on the threat of Islam and the influence of libs/lefties on skewing the view. I also enjoy the face of the day.

I enjoy the common sense, no-nonsense points of view on issues that I read here.

Open minded conservative right leaning voter who can’t take MSM seriously!

Because it says the things that all the others can’t or won’t

And I find it very difficult to find the whole story or indeed the whole truth in mainstream media. I know that Whaleoil tells it as it really is.

Because it tells the truth and gets the real story behind the headline. Also I am right wing.

Because it is an easily accessible source of actual news as opposed to opinion. Yes there is opinion but it is based on FACTS

Because it offers better balanced news and opinions than anywhere else in NZ and because reader commentary is usually informed and well moderated.

Sometimes I find news here that is nowhere else – or hard to find elsewhere.

And I enjoy a lot of the commentators humour and insight.


What Newspapers used to provide. Serious analysis and discussion. And any bias is clearly visible and backed up by logical argument leaving the reader to decide if that argument is valid. Other points of view are tolerated if they adopt the same methodology.

Because it is the only website in New Zealand that is unafraid to criticise Islam.

I have drowned kittens. Sorry.

Because I want an alternative view on the MSM news

I am a centrist sick of cultural Marxist left wing trolling, flamebaing and heavily censored msm

My option would have been, “because it’s one of the very few sites that doesn’t parrot the MSM left-wing line”.

I’ve given up reading msm articles, although some posts here may be inaccurate, it’s held to account by the commentators.

This answer is closers than the others. Other does not work.

I don’t drown kittens but strongly identify with opinions presented on WO

Because I don’t trust the msm to bring the truth about significant events to my attention.

Because I look for the truth.

Because Cam’s a straight talker with no political correctness.

for information that (at least most of the time) is reasonable and not completely whinging negative left opinion and speculation from other media

-Written responses to Whaleoil Survey