Whaleoil readership survey results: If Whaleoil was a bird it would be a…

animal-dream.com Falcon - Photo#02

Falcon – Photo#02

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Word analysis of written responses:

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www.rspb.org.uk Black-browed albatross in flight ...

Black-browed albatross in flight …

Written responses unedited:

Haast eagle because it eats soon to be extinct moa (MSM)

Fluffy Owl. Wisdom and forsight served up in a challenging but cute way

Magpie, loves shiny things & dive bombing those that pee it off

Eagle – they always fly high

a Tui

morepork because it chases down vermin and pulls them to bits

Kea – endlessly probing, sometimes to the point of annoying/ damaging

Kea, becuse it picks away to get to the good bits and generaly pisses people off

Albatross, due to the extremes it has to endure

velociraptor, due to its strength, ferocity and power over politicians

Eagle soaring above the rest

pukeko because they are generally vermin and like getting up other people’s noses. Kidding!

Pukeko because it causes random damage and shits everywhere

Wise old Owl who watches over all that happens.

Kea. Inquisitive,Cheeky and Very Intelligent

An eagle – can spot BS from miles away

Albatross because it’s big, and flies high and wide.

Cockateil because that was the first bird we bred!

Shag – aeroplane, submarine, fish finder with strong guano

Peregrine, because of its keen intellect and incredible ability to calculate or judge its prey


A Black Swan. Those things don’t take any crap.

A pelican because it fishes in murky waters.

A weka. Investigates anything shiny.

Eagle because it spots the hidden tidings then swoops down quick and hard to exposes the inner construct

Kereru, stable and calm

Eagle with a glint in its eye as it pounces on its prey


The correct word is “titbits”

Falcon, with vulture like habits and the colourful habits of a parakeet, all wrapped up in a kiwi hard hat.

Kea – is a NZ native, one of the most intelligent birds who are also inquisitive

Sirroco (famous for being naughty – Kakapo)

Juicy eye for facts and debate

Hawk because it doesnt mind picking over road kill

No 24 Frozen Chook coz done right it will feed the family for a few days… oh can we have roast Kumara?

A peacock – proud and individual

Albatross because it can take a long-term view

Owl, because sometimes it keeps me up at night

A Seagull as they’re survivors.


Eagle. Phenomenal eye for detail, happy to fly above the petty birds and their nonsense. Ruthless when needed, striking with deadly force but with detachment. Kill when it needs to, not for fun or revenge.

Albatross because it’s an amazing creature with a far reaching wingspan


Pukeko – at home in the swamp and lifts its tail at everyone

Nah…you lost me

World view

cunning as and very curious, smart and stroppy when necessary ( pain in the butt to competition)

Haast Eagle???

Wax eye.

Kokako because it is a survivor

Owl- owls are the ultimate predator…and smart

A sparrow because it shits in its own nest

Lovebird, because Jude

Eagle because it looks down sharply on the msm turkeys


Tui- gregarious, smart, fast, gorgeous when sign in the right light. Should be our national bird- kiwi is the anathema of aspirational