What is it they want?

Guest post

I have a problem. I am trying to understand what those on the left want? I don’t mean the fuzzy social liberal equality for all type answers – I mean what is the end game? What do they get out of it.

We have several “tiers” of left in this country (and in the world for that matter) as defined by the communist manual to overthrow a state (communism 101 – I have the book!)

First you infiltrate the Universities and institute socialist teachings. This occurred in the 50’s and 60’s. Once this process is complete you have converted the teachers, local and government civil services and crucially the media – Done!

Second – you take over the unions and turn them from the protector of workers to the purveyor of hatred of any successful person – particularly those with either skill or money. Done! (They also became the bullies of the socialist left – the organisers – similar in my opinion to the brownshirts of Nazi Germany.)

Third – stir up the indigenous population – instil in them a sense of grievance and help them demand ever more reparation from the rest of society.  – This will divide the population and cause social unrest. – Done!

Fourth – Destroy the basic tenants of our western society by attacking the pillars of that society – the Westminster system of governance in NZ through MMP, the removal of access to the privy council and then ultimately through a republic with the inevitable president for life. (If you feel this is being a bit harsh I give you – North Korea, Russia, Turkey, Cuba etc etc.) In Europe the erosion has been through the EU and its unelected governing system. This is still a work in progress and has suffered a real setback through Brexit (Go the Brits!)

A Second tier battle against western society is to promote mass immigration from countries with different cultures. The Clark government changed NZ forever by opening the doors to non-western immigration particularly from people of the religion of peace. – In progress.

So… does this get me any closer to answering the question – what is they want?

I can’t believe any sane person would believe that socialism/communism works to the benefit of society and particularly to those less fortunate. Famous examples of this failed ideology include – the former USSR, Cuba, North Korea and currently Venezuela. In fact it is pretty obvious to most that the capitalist system for all its warts and blemishes has been outstandingly successful in lifting people out of poverty. So the socialist/communist agenda must be for something other than the betterment of society – what could it be? The only way I can get any sort of answer is to look at some of the influential characters and see what it is that they gain from their left wing views.

  1. Helen Clark – From Socialist/Feminist roots and an academic background. With a driven personality she seeks power and has little empathy with common people. Has little time for titles but I suspect would be happy to be called Empress Helen.
  2. Barack Obama – Very difficult to judge – there are lots of question marks around his goals – appears very sympathetic to the religion of peace and very anti-Israel.
  3. Vladimir Putin – This one is easy – former KGB henchman – President for life and looking to recreate the USSR. The ultimate power seeker.
  4. Recep Erdogan – Again another easy one- extreme Islamist who has now become Turkey’s president for life. Will implement Sharia Law – ultimate goal is Caliph of the Arab world. (to include all of Western society)
  5. Angela Merkel – Similar to Putin I suspect. Wants to break down society in Europe so that Germany can again ascend out of the ashes to take her place as the centre of the world.
  6. Jeremy Corbyn – Again a very easy one but for very different reasons! I don’t think Jeremy could tell you what his goals are! I think he just hates anyone not of the unionist faith.
  7. Andrew Little – Academic (law) then Union background.  Has no apparent end game apart from wanting to be in power. If in power where would his allegiance lie? Probably with his mates in the union and the civil services. It is certain that he would not be championing the causes he is shouting from the roof tops in opposition.
  8. Nicky Hager – Yew! Where to start. Obviously money is the key motivation for saint Nicky. He is a typical lefty lightweight who protests strongly against the system then goes running to the law when it suits him. A very shallow individual.
  9. Andrea Vance – What are her credentials – managed to escape the News of the World fall out and then blessed (“\sarc”) NZ with her left wing views – most famous for her utter dismay at having “her” privacy invaded while making a career out of invading others eg. The Panama shambles. End game – stroke my ego!
  10. Dr Bryce Edwards – Lecturer in political studies – University of Otago. It is not hard to see why the current crop of journalists are so rabidly left wing when the lecturer shows such apparent bias. His end game  – enjoys the notoriety and the power that comes with his position.

In my opinion the only individuals with any real end game goals are Putin and Erdogan. This is why we in the west are losing the major wars currently being fought silently in the world. These include the land grabs of both Russia and China, and the take-over war being waged by the religion of peace in the west and most of Northern Africa. Nature abhors a vacuum – the left would do well to remember it because if western civilisation fails it won’t just be the right that suffers the consequences.

My grandfather was gassed on the Somme and my father fought in the Islands in the second go, while an uncle spent five years in a German POW camp. All were tough, hard men who understood morality. I fear we will fight the next go around due to the lack of a moral compass that those on the left show. I would say God help us all – except I don’t actually believe in a deity – however the despair I feel at the potential death of our civilisation is very real.

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