Will Nigel Haworth mention fundraising?

via RNZ

via RNZ

The Labour Party is having its 100th birthday bash in Wellington on Saturday. The big question at the 100th birthday is, when will Labour next make it into government? Probably not any time soon, especially since Nigel Haworth has been an abject failure as a fundraiser.

For those who have forgotten, Haworth was chosen over widely disliked union thug Robert Gallagher. In an early interview he mentioned fundraising:

Fundraising also needed to be improved, he said.

Labour spent half as much as National on last year’s election campaign and was outspent by the Greens for the first time.

“National has a very good fundraising apparatus. And it is of course in that sense the party of wealth.

“It has access in a way that the Labour Party traditionally in New Zealand finds difficult to match.

“But I think we can professionalise our fundraising.”

The word from inside Labour is that Prof Haworth has talked a good game about fundraising but has absolutely failed to raise money. Labour is so broke they are worried about funding a by-election in Mt Roskill if Goff wins the mayoralty.

MPs are worried that Haworth has been so useless he is going to increase the tax he imposes on caucus to fund the campaign. Then he will tax them more, to cover his own inadequacy as a fundraiser, to fund the general election.

Apparently, mentioning fundraising around Haworth is a bit like mentioning the war to Germans. It is not done


– NZ Herald


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  • Second time around

    Andy Little’s support of school holiday airport strikes should get the money flowing into Labour coffers again (?). That’s the problem when you aspire to be government and PM, you have to compromise some of your values to become electable.

    • Mick Ie

      I don’t suppose you can compromise if you’re not the one really in charge.

  • shykiwibloke

    I’ll buy a tea towel or two – if they promise to uphold their articles of association and value those with work ethic, and truly represent the hard working average New Zealander. I think it’s a safe offer sadly.

  • Dave

    perfect solution, they can demand all shareholders and owners pay a owners levy, i.e., charge the unions $100K each, it should raise a couple of Mill.

    • Isherman

      Why upset their masters when they could wheel out the old argument of Public Funding for political parties, partially at least, and hand the whole tab to you and me?