A wolf is a wolf is a wolf

Guest Post

Listening to politicians and the media turning themselves inside out trying to find the tiniest morsel of evidence that yet a another barbaric and heinous mass killing is not ISIS-related would be faintly funny in different circumstances.  As it is the contortions of avoidance they go through are juvenile to say the least and are, more precisely, downright insanely dangerous.

A wolf is a wolf whether he kills on his own or stays close to the pack.

Everything about Nice and Orlando screams Koran-inspired, Muslim-initiated, ISIS-backed, Imam-cheered murder.  It’s plainer than the nose on your face but our leaders and the MSM are determined to identify these and other mass killings as those of a deranged idiot uninfluenced by the rantings of the prophet. Before even the stench of drying blood has evaporated all sorts of presidents, prime ministers, commentators and editorials are running the “lone wolf” theme.

It’s strange really because, in the past, with such massacres that might have had even an inkling of a connection to something Christian or right-wing, the very opposite happened.  Any tenuous link was promoted gleefully.  Remember the Norway butcher Breivik, or earlier Timothy Veigh, even the Jim Jones mass suicides, the Planned Parenthood killings at Colorado Springs, the 1980 Munich murders – in each case the media and our political masters were labelling these as “right-wing” or “Christian fundamentalists” even before the whiff of cordite had dissipated.  

The truth in each of these is there was no connection to a common and central belief that promoted the taking of life.  Neither being “right-wing” or Christian fundamentalist” means one is bound by any code that demands the taking of others lives.  There are those who like to propose that the Christians’ Old Testament is somehow a champion of hate and bloody mass killings but that only demonstrates a lack of understanding of what was happening in those times.

So, why now when there is ample evidence that Islam was founded by a murderer, who sought out and slew his opponents and then had a book written confirming what he did as all OK, inciting his followers to copy him in getting rid of the infidels? Why when there are shadowy bearded Islamic leaders secreted in mosques all around the world funded by the Saudis indoctrinating their flock to hate and fight for Sharia law? Why when Muslim hordes take to the streets to yell and scream obscenities against anything not Islamic? Why when Europe is struggling to deal with immigrant rapists, and thugs who refuse to assimilate into a welcoming society? Why when a mad-headed truck driver shouts “Allahu Akbar” and ploughs into innocent civilians including children? Why, oh why, do the media do cartwheels trying to uncouple the brutality from its source and inspiration?

The most basic tenet to observe in trying to deal with any problem of any nature is to face its reality in an honest and open way.

Pretending that Islam is a religion of peace and that most of the mass killings are “lone wolf” actions is pathetic and childish.  It simply reinforces the belief that the media and many politicians will stoop to deception and contemptuous manipulation to foist their own warped ideas of multiculturalism and the immigration of all and sundry without discrimination.

Sooner or later the community must face the plain fact that a pig’s ear will not turn into a silk purse no matter how many times you call it a silk purse.  Islam, which is all of a belief system, a world view, a political ideal, a lifestyle and a form of government, is not up for compromise or adaption.  The few weak attempts to modernise it fail to see its foundations are rotten and fatally flawed.  No amount of dressing it up, promotion of so-called moderates or calls for inclusion, remove the basic principles and dogma of division, hatred and inhumane treatment of others, be they women, girls, miscreants, Jews or non-believers.

It embodies the justification for having a permanent and deep-seated chip on the shoulder, eternal victimhood and a home for all manner of underdogs and grievance holders.  In an age of entitlement and spouting your own brand of hurt it has no problem finding new converts.  Alas, many are the least productive and positive in our community.

It is not just the assumed hatred and hurt of what has happened in Gaza, Syria, Iraq etc.  Those who are radicalised already have their own nursed grudges.  The rage and the paranoia runs so deeply there is no hope of conversion or assimilation – no amount of tolerance and vanity-driven coexistence can bridge the gap.

Societies over the centuries have realised there are those whose attitudes, beliefs and actions make them a danger beyond what can be accepted or lived with.  So, we isolate them.  We spend a mint of money separating them out, locking them away and making sure their poison cannot permeate the community.

Sadly, in one way in a modern world, that is what must happen.  Wake up folk.  It is time to isolate the cancer; root it out rather than pour more oil of kindness on the malignancy.  “If thy eye offends thee pluck it out.” Set the bar high and, if there is any doubt, they should go back to where they can be fenced in.  Simply stop any Muslim of any degree from entering.  We no longer need their oil. The appeasement can stop.

If you have any doubt stop and put on the shoes of a husband and father who watched in horror as his new wife threw their baby to him, to save it, and was smashed into, pulped and shattered on the front of a truck driven by an animal shouting “Allah is great.” There is no place for such ideological-driven butchery in our community causing so much pain and anguish.

Maybe if we adopt such a tough uncompromising stance the more educated and rational will set about the task of eliminating the foundations completely and starting again.


For a very revealing commentary go to: http://www.newenglishreview.org/Nicolai_Sennels/Muslims_and_Westerners%3A__The_Psychological_Differences/

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