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boss (noun) – 1. (a) An employer or supervisor.
(b) One who makes decisions or exercises authority.
2. A professional politician who controls a party or a political machine.

Second Meaning
1. A circular protuberance or knoblike swelling, as on the horns of certain animals.
2. A raised area used as ornamentation.
3. Architecture A raised ornament, such as one at the intersection of the ribs in a vaulted roof.
4. (a) An enlarged part of a shaft to which another shaft is coupled or to which a wheel or gear is keyed.
(b) A hub, especially of a propeller.

Third Meaning
A cow or calf.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : “overseer,” 1640s, American English, from Dutch baas “a master,” Middle Dutch baes, of obscure origin. If original sense was “uncle,” perhaps it is related to Old High German basa “aunt,” but some sources discount this theory. The Dutch form baas is attested in English from 1620s as the standard title of a Dutch ship’s captain. The word’s popularity in U.S. may reflect egalitarian avoidance of master as well as the need to distinguish slave from free labour. The slang adjective meaning “excellent” is recorded in 1880s, revived, apparently independently, in teen and jazz slang in 1950s.

Second Meaning
“Protuberance, button,” circa 1300, from Old French boce “a hump, swelling, tumour” (12th century, Modern French bosse), from either Frankish *botija or Vulgar Latin *bottia, both which is of uncertain origin.

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