Is the World-class Theatre already in trouble?


The tipline has been running hot about the ?World-class? Theatre in Marlborough. Sources inside the council in Marlborough are apparently exceptionally annoyed with the Theatre Trust telling the council that some of their fundraising efforts aren?t producing what the trust had earlier indicated, so the luvvies need more council money.

Apparently, the council are very nervous about the upcoming election and have tried to suppress all information about the need for even more money for the theatre, so are trying to keep it all hushed up.

This is an embarrassing state of affairs for a council that seem to have had no financial control over a project that has consistently blown its budget. They have also failed to get the luvvies responsible for the blown budget to be held accountable for their misspending and increasing costs for the ratepayers.

In the interests of transparency the Theatre Trust and the MDC should release all correspondence and financial information immediately. The voters of Marlborough deserve to know whether the theatre is going to cost them far more than they were originally told, and whether their council have agreed to keep bailing out the Theatre Trust.