Yet another politician who fails to understand the meaning of democracy



I received the below email from Sue Moroney, a Labour MP who seems to be confused about what democracy actually is. Like the Remoaners from the Remain campaign in Britain, when things don’t go her way she blames it on a lack of democracy.

The government voted for by the people, the government with the majority, is the government that has the power to make decisions. That power was given to them by the people. It is a power that can be taken away easily. It is the whole point of democracy. We can elect people into power and we can remove them from power. MPs who are not part of the government do not have power because we didn’t give them any. If the National government chooses to not go ahead with something Sue Moroney wants, then that is democracy in action.

Unlike the Labour party the National party have the responsibility of managing New Zealand’s finances. They cannot open New Zealand’s purse and spend freely every time Sue Moroney demands it. I liken it to the manager of a business and an employee of a business. The employee wants a coffee machine for the staff cafeteria because it will make the staff happier and more productive, in his opinion. The manager would like to do this for her staff but she looks at the business budget and sees that she cannot provide the coffee machine without cutting important spending elsewhere. Management have the “financial veto power” for a reason. The buck stops with them, not with the employees. It is the same with Sue Moroney’s Paid Parental Leave Bill. It is a lovely, generous idea but her party isn’t the one that has to find the money to fund it.

Dear Juana,
I just wanted to thank you for being a part of our campaign to extend Paid Parental Leave to 26 weeks.It all began 14 years ago today, when the fifth Labour Government first introduced Paid Parental Leave in New Zealand. It was just 12 weeks then – but together we’ve fought hard to extend it to the 18 weeks that it is today.

Parliament debated my Bill to extend Paid Parental Leave to 26 weeks. And for the first time in New Zealand history, the debate didn’t finish with a vote.Bill English and National used their financial veto power to block the Bill, despite the majority of MPs voting for it. It was undemocratic and wrong.

This is our second attempt to extend Paid Parental Leave to 26 weeks under this National Government.But we will succeed. Together, we’ll extend Paid Parental Leave after the 2017 election. But to do that, we’re going to have to change the Government.Thanks for everything you’ve done for this campaign – whether you signed petitions, came to events, donated to print flyers or sent postcards. We can be proud of what we achieved together.


Sue Moroney
Labour MP

-via e-mail


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  • Woody

    If I had my way Sue Moron, paid parental leave would amount to zero weeks.
    What is really undemocratic is that morons like you who no one at all voted in still get paid by taxpayers like me.

    • JLS

      Agreed. Why should we, who deferred parenthood for seven years until we were financially in a position we were happy with (on very ordinary incomes btw) and could afford for mum to quit work for the next seven, pay for people to stay at home when they could with a little discipline and self respect do the same for themselves. These types of feel good but unnecessary things are constantly and incrementally adding to our tax burden and cost of production, making us less competitive in the world and thereby threatening the livelihoods those employees she is wanting to assist. They sure don’t understand business and economics in the red corner.

      • The Fat Man

        Three points.

        1. We are funding people to have children who are not fit to be parents, we are now seeing the long term affects of this.

        2. We have already become internationally competitive. Yes people are only using us as a gateway or see us as a soft touch.

        3. A low wage society, most of the new Jobs, if you can call them that are low wage, part time and casual. Every time you lift the minimum wage the % of workers who are on the minimum wage increases. Where is the value in that.

  • NahYeah

    I didn’t know Sue Moroney was left handed.

    • hookerphil

      Hairy arms as well.

    • Stephen

      That photo is back to front – look at the buttons on the calculator and the paragraphs on the report.

      • NahYeah

        Ah yes, totally back to front. It’s definitely her then.

  • The Fat Man

    It is also not democratic when a party forms a Government for 4 years and then goes off on all sorts of tangents, that the electorate is not happy with.

    Single issue parties are rightly shut out.

    But what we should have is a system for Citizens initiated BINDING referendum, for single issues, to give the Government of the day a clear directive of what the people want.

    To save on costs these could be run in conjunction with the National elections.

    So far the referendums we have had have been an absolute farce.

  • rantykiwi

    Dear Sue Moroney. How about you wake up and smell the coffee and realise that paid parental leave only serves to encourage more parents who can’t afford to have kids to do so? Oh, hang on, maybe this idea is a fit with Labour’s vision that everyone will become a beneficiary. I guess it makes sense now, and does your railing against a very sensible financial veto.

  • localnews

    Let’s not forget she wouldn’t be able to use this as ammunition against the government if Peter Dunne hadn’t deliberately put the government in that position.
    For whatever reason he chose to make Bill English use the veto.
    It would have been explained to him that he was a government support partner and by voting for the bill he wasn’t going to pass it, just make the government look bad.
    I hope there is payback coming for him

  • Bling Bling

    It is really all for public servants anyway.

  • PersonOfColor:WHITE

    It’s all about credit for the ‘fighting hard’ bit. I doubt it would even matter what it was about….

  • Geoff K

    I’m surprised the Sue Maroney doesn’t understand our system of government. The party elected holds the Treasury benches -meaning they alone control the expenditure. If the opposition parties can muster enough votes they can mount a vote of no confidence and then the governing party gives up the treasury benches. This has not happened here and so the governing party has the right to refuse any expenditure not in the budget which they control.
    The veto was signaled, and part of the National manifesto BEFORE the 2014 General Election. To say, the majority of NZ agreed with 26 weeks paid parental leave is playing fast and loose with the Truth. It was presented to the Country Democratically, voted-on Democratically, and rejected BY THE ELECTORATE, Democratically.

  • Rick H

    Why only 26 weeks?
    Why not go all out and make it 2 years?
    Surely, it would be a godsend if a parent could spend a complete 2-years with their child – and at 2 years, can start pre-school.
    Wouldn’t that be just lovely?

    But that wouldn’t do the “list troughers” any good at all.
    Go for 26 weeks, and then in a years time, do it all again for 30 weeks.
    Then, in another year or two, up it to 40 weeks.
    This way, it keeps the list troughers in a situation where they have their very generous salaries paid by those that they loathe with a vengeance – us top 10%ers. The very same 10% from which virtually every cent is taken from to pay for the country to run.

    • OneTrack

      2 years? It should be at least 5 years. Why be mwean? or is the next campaign by ms Moroney?

  • Graeme

    Perhaps she isn’t aware that many years ago most wives didn’t work but stayed home and looked after any children and the only wage earner was the husband and also that almost every couple were married as husband and wife. There was the “family benefit” which amounted to ten shillings or one dollar a week for any child. Morony should go out one day and engage in the older generation and find out how they survived well without “paid parental leave”.

  • kayaker

    I got the same email and politely slammed Sue Moroney’s bill when I replied to her. Yet I am thanked for ‘everything I’ve done for this campaign’. They obviously don’t read their emails. The same with Stuart Nash’s rant about the Police. It’s just spray and pray…

  • cows4me

    People like Moroney are a petulance upon our country. Instead of improving the lot for parents she actually does a lot of harm, Where is the incentive for a young couple to want a better outcome for their children if the taxpayer will support their life choices. Where is the incentive for business to hire young women or increase their wages when they know that they can leave for half a year. Where is the bloody incentive in this country to work and then be forced to give it all up so we can pay people to breed. This nonsense is wrong on so many levels it’s crazy, Moroney and her fellow henchmen don’t want to make this country a better place they want to bring it down, evil scum all of them.

  • Aucky

    Those entitled to 18 weeks parental leave already get more than a fair crack of the whip. If the money is there to be spent there are far more deserving sectors of the population that need assistance. Moroney is fixated with this – roll on 2017 and we can see the back of her.

    • Geoff K

      Wishful thinking – she is number 10 on the list and a darling of the Labour Party, can’t see that changing, thanks to MMP.