If you’re not sure if you’re Arthur or Martha, Canada may offer the answer: it.

We truly have arrived at the age where being normal is now a distinct disadvantage.

Canada is exploring the use of gender-neutral options on identity cards, Justin Trudeau told a television station, after he became the first Canadian prime minister to march in a gay pride parade.

Trudeau, who participated in the downtown Toronto parade along with other politicians on Sunday, did not give details, saying only the government was exploring the “best way” and studying other jurisdictions.

“That’s part of the great arc of history sweeping towards justice,” he told CP24.

Last week, the Canadian province of Ontario said it would allow the use of a third gender indicator, X, for driver’s licenses, which are commonly used in North America to provide identification.

Countries including Australia, New Zealand and Nepal already allow the use of the X gender indicator.

Trudeau also said last month’s relaxation of Canadian blood-donation restrictions on men who have sex with other men was “not good enough”, saying the government was going to work toward easing it further.

According to Canadian Blood Services, men who have sex with other men can now donate after one year of abstinence, down from five years previously.

I don’t mind what consenting adults get up to in the privacy of their own homes, but it has progressed to the point where our laws and society at large no longer cope with the infinite variability of people’s sexual identities.

Just to take this to the point of absurdity, let’s say you have a person born with male genitals who has had them surgically removed, dresses as a man nevertheless, considers herself gay and has sex with other women, but identifies as transgender and prefers to not be called a man, a woman, male or female.

What the hell do you do with people like that?

Of course, you can’t have “other” on forms, because that’s kind of hurtful; kind of other-human or not quite human.

We’re tying ourselves in knots here, and the end isn’t in sight.

The final solution is to stop reclassifying and looking for labels within labels and become pragmatic.

The most frustrating thing is the social justice warriors who just have to force all of this on the rest of society. And the rest of society, so far, hasn’t had the courage to say, “Oh, whatever. Like I care what you call yourself. Pick a toilet and get it over with.”

Western society is losing its own identity by accommodating every belief system, every body type, every sexual preference, every orientation and every point of view.

There are people who are genuinely in love with inanimate objects. Some even go as far as going through formal wedding ceremonies.

Where is this going to stop? Or is it?


– Newshub