The youth grow up to become the people they despised

By Gavin

I have been following all the uproar from the disappointed remainers in England who have been protesting, throwing tantrums and showing general discontent at a successful democratic process. What struck me as most absurd was the vocalised belief that the older people have stolen their future, and their needs have been overridden, despite the fact that a democratic process was followed. If they had won they would be jubilant and praising democracy for giving people a say etc – yawn.

But here is the rub that the moaning-youth are blissfully unaware of. The youthful activists and protesters who despise older people will one day be them. They will, in fact, become the very people they despise.

Let’s take a local example: Phill Goff. He started out as a long-haired anti-Vietnam War protester spitting at soldiers returning from Vietnam and riding his Norton motorcycle. Supporting all the right causes: Labour party member, socialist and anti-capitalist, socialist union organiser for the Insurance Workers’ Union and political studies lecturer at Victoria University.
CC001820160706Supporting all the right causes, he was elected to Parliament in 1984 in the Lange landslide to get rid of Muldoon. He then changed tack somewhat to championing Rogernomics, even being involved in introducing university fees – not that the MSM would mention that when Andrew Little was banging on about free education, just recently.

It was even rumoured that he considered joining the Act Party in the 1990s.


Then we move to the Clark era and Mr Goff holding hands in solidarity with Yasser Arafat. This rather shady character held power for nearly 30 years by removing his enemies, permanently. I was in Israel when he refused to sign the peace accords in 2000 and become the first president of the Palestinian state. He turned that down as it is easier to keep fighting and throwing rocks than build the infrastructure of a healthy state. But, Goff was there is full support. The anti-war protester had become Minister of Defence.

Then there was the signing of the China FTA by Goff as well. He is so special he gets to support the TPP because he worked on it – LOL.

After the Clark era we have the legendary Swiss ball affair and the MP resigning and being whisked out of the county before the brown stuff hit the fan. Again, Goff was doing his best to keep it out of the media and the public interest.

Then we finally come to the chosen one for the Auckland mayoralty in the twilight of his career, being supported by the media party as a replacement for Len Brown.


Which brings me back to the beginning. I wonder if his actual path through politics and aspirations would be one he would have protested at, himself, when he was a naïve self-absorbed youth.

There is one thing older people have that youth is oblivious to, and that is a sense of history and the way it repeats itself with each generation. Some call it wisdom; I call it experience. So my question to readers: would Goff have protested his current self and progress when he was a young activist?

The last thought I leave to the legendary SonovaMin to capture Goff’s nature and style:



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  • Shalice

    I don’t know. I never despised older people as the youth do today. I might have disagreed with my parents at times but I never argued they should have their votes taken off them or any rights for that matter. I think it’s revolting what’s happening now. And my parents were probably more liberal than I am now and I’m not yet middle aged.

    Edit: some word changes for clarity

    • Sally

      We grew up with the phrase “respect your elders and betters”. That has gone out the door now. The millennials can drop up and down complaining about baby boomers are spoiling their future but who do they run to when they run out of money or tough times, home to mum and dad, the baby boomers.

      • Usaywot

        The parents of today have brought it on themselves by over indulging their precious little treasures. I worked in education and saw the terror in parents eyes if they had to discipline their children. It was like “But he/she won’t love me if I am mean to them. I want to be their best friend etc, etc, etc,” It was even worse if a teacher disciplined them “How dare you be mean to my wonderful child? I’m going to get a lawyer in and write to the newspaper.” Rubbish parents are reaping what they sowed

      • NahYeah

        I bet they won’t protest about being included in their wills either. We hate you, give us all your money.

      • Brian Dingwall

        its interesting too that other cultures value the contribution of the older generation.

        I’m not at all sympathetic to the young of the UK…how can they complain when clearly, given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, they were so indifferent as to the result that they didn’t bother to vote?

        In addition, they are all born into a world that already has for them to use schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, airports, buildings, factories, all funded but not by them…and they stand in general to inherit anything our generation carelessly leaves unspent…

      • Michelle

        l see the herald is running the same sort of lines as the UK has about our young ones
        l can’t find the story now but it was along the lines of why are our young not rising up against the baby boomers here

    • KatB

      I think the younger generation always thinks the older ones are a bit out of touch, but I like you, never thought my parents were silly or deserved to be stripped of their rights. I always respected their advice and opinions and even if we didn’t agree, I never thought they weren’t entitled to their opinion, (and sometimes secretly deep down I knew they were right). That to me has been the scary thing about Brexit, the shocking sense of betrayal and entitlement by the younger ones. I hope it is the vocal minority that is being reported on and not indicative of a whole generation or two.

  • biscuit barrel

    Speaking of Israel, we could see the careers of people like Begin who started out blowing British soldiers and other civilians in the Irgun.

    “From the end of 1937 until the middle of 1939, in less than two years, the terrorist activities of the Irgun and Lehi claimed 232 victims with another 370 wounded – men, women and children.”-haaretz
    As far as I can tell Goff was only involved in non violent protest

  • Usaywot

    I wouldn’t give that man the time of day. Some of the things he’s done are despicable. God help Auckland if he is elected. Auckland doesn’t need someone who runs with the hares and hunts with the hounds. He is purely in anything for himself and, dare I say it, money

  • LabTested

    I met up with an old friend from England yesterday. She is in her late 50’s, voted remain and is very very shocked. She is angry at her 90′ yr old mother for voting leave and said her mum should have thought about the future of the younger generation – So I asked how did her kids vote. All 4 of them, in their early 20’s didn’t even bother to vote.

    So i’m not buying this spin that the older UK voter is responsible for the result.The Yuff who didn’t know or didn’t care are responsible for their own future.

    • MyKillS

      I saw some stats the other day that said that of the over 65s, 82% voted. Of the 18 – 25 bracket 36% voted. There you have your answer. Get off your backside youngsters and be responsible for yourselves. You didn’t vote; don’t complain.

      • Kevin

        I see not voting as a “Don’t care either way” vote. That means that if 36% of voters between 18 and 25 voted that means 74% of voters in that bracket don’t actually mind Britain leaving the EU. So who says Pommie youth wanted to stay?

  • Ruahine

    Phill Goff epitomizes the famous line from Groucho Marx. “These are my principles. If you do not like them I have others.”

  • zotaccore

    Aucklanders will just have to get used to liking him, warts and all.