August 2016

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Socialism makes people Selfish


Who am I?

Guess who the mystery person using the 3 clues. Include in your comments how the clues relate to the mystery person

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The perfect partnership


The best chase you have ever seen. Guaranteed


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Winston back on Fortress New Zealand high horse

Winston Peters is complaining about a big increase in the amount of land sold to foreigners and he’s vowing his New Zealand First party will stop it.

Mr Peters is citing Overseas Investment Office figures which show that between January and July this year 108,724ha was sold to non-residents compared with 40,833ha during the same period last year.

Mr Peters says the largest sales were 2555ha at Lake Tekapo which went to Hong Kong buyers, 1341ha of Wairarapa land sold to an Australian investment company and a 1191ha Whakatane station sold to a couple listed to be from China.

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The only way you can make the Hawkes Bay water crisis worse: Green MPs

Green Party Proud Feral

Green Party Proud Feral

Green Party MPs Catherine Delahunty and Kevin Hague will attend a public meeting in Havelock North to support local concerns about water quality.

The Wednesday night meeting is the second to be held, the first was on Tuesday night when residents called for action over the contamination that has hit more than 5000 people with a gastro bug.

A protest march is to be held on Saturday.

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Labour have found the election winning circuit breaker they were looking for: New taxes

Labour is apparently close to endorsing a tax on sugary drinks – with health spokeswoman Annette King saying there is growing evidence and support for such a measure.

The Government has come under pressure from medical professionals to introduce a sugary drink tax, particularly after the British Conservative Government opted to do so in its latest Budget.

But although the Greens want such a tax brought it, Labour’s position has been that there isn’t enough evidence.

King has since suggested that position could change.

She told the Herald that no final decision had been made, but evidence for a sugary drink tax continued to mount. Read more »