Andrew Little decides who his MPs can talk to, and who they can’t

What a remarkable revelation!? Stuart Nash was told he was not allowed to speak at an event that people Andrew Little doesn’t like were part of.

here is more bad blood over the Wellington mayoralty after a Labour MP was told to pull out of a speaking engagement alongside mayoral candidate Nick Leggett.

Napier MP Stuart Nash had been billed as a guest speaker along with Leggett and blogger Phil Quin, who was?seen as a flag bearer for the right wing of the Labour party till he resigned from the party in?protest at its campaign targeting?house buyers with Asian-sounding names.

But guests at the ?event were told that Nash was no longer speaking after Labour leader Andrew Little intervened?because Leggett was a former party?member?running against Labour’s hand picked?candidate, Justin Lester.

Interesting they didn’t replace the speaker with someone else.? I suppose all of the Labour party was off the menu, but they could have brought someone else in.

Little confirmed he spoke to Nash after seeing a flyer advertising the triple billing and told him it wasn’t a good look to share a stage with Leggett and Quin.

Whaleoil advertised the event.

“Nick has decided to stand for the mayoralty against a Labour endorsed candidate and Phil Quin?on social media is quite vitriolic about Labour and a lot of Labour MPs. I spoke to Stu and said ‘look how do you think it would look if you’re on the platform with people who are acting against what many other Labour Party members and activist supporters are doing in other parts of the country? It’s not going to look flash’.”

Little said Nash had agreed and was?happy to pull out after their talk.

Nash did not return messages.

Little said Nash was happy to pull out, but Nash won’t confirm it.

Leggett said he considered Little’s intervention “a bit sad”.

“It confirms the problem with Labour, and a kind of heretic hunting culture that’s crept into the party. Anybody with a different view or position is excluded or pushed out. As a Labour MP Stuart Nash would be going to forums in Napier and around the country where there are National party politicians, where there are people who have different views from him and the party and that’s the nature of politics that’s what we do. To single this one out just makes me sad really.”

Labour are in deep trouble.? They are acting under a siege mentality.? By the time you are trying to control who can talk to whom and who can be seen in public with whom, you have moved so far away from the principles of a free and open society that you certainly no longer believe in democracy.

Labour used to be a fairly broad church, heck: they spawned ACT, but it is busy shutting down everything that doesn’t align with the far left union views.? Little and McCarten think this is exactly the same as Helen Clark used to do.? The outcome may be the same in the short term, but the way that people are treated and are not allowed to buy into the process is where things will come unstuck.


– Tracy Watkins, Stuff