Breitbart and Whaleoil have something in common, “Give back double”

I came across the below screen shot today and realised that Breitbart and Whaleoil have something in common. Apart from the fact that they both are both popular media websites that are not afraid to be politically incorrect ?and give the other side of the story, they also share a strategy. In the world of media they are unusual as they are both prepared to use superior firepower to blow an argument out of the water. ?Unhampered by political correctness they are unique in their willingness to call a spade a spade and to use the tactics ?of the Left against them. They bring a gun to a knife fight, ?in a media world where others hand over their lunch money rather than challenge the status quo.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 2.10.19 PM

Journalists also asked if he would “give back double” for the bringing down of his friend, he replied: “I always give back double”


By now he had the media speaking Whale Oil. ?Do you plan to give back double?? wondered the reporter. ?Always give back double.? How? ?You?ll have to wait and see.?

Cam has been criticised for daring to say that he will pay back double.

? That is not fair,? the Media screech. You should pay back proportionately.

Geez have these people never been to war before? We play to win not to draw…What is the point of a draw?


With terrorism now a permanent part of the fabric of Europe, ?I am once again writing regularly about Islam. I do not write about it ?because of hate and I do not write about it for click bait. I write about Islam because the overwhelming narrative from both mainstream media and our governments in the West is that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism and that Islam is a religion of peace. ?Diversity of culture is promoted ?like a ?fundamentalist religion. ?We are told it is good for us and that to question it is racist and bigoted. We are told that open borders are good and that allowing ?uncontrolled mass migration is the right thing to do. We are told that our freedom of speech is no longer sacrosanct and that people’s feelings are more important than the truth. We are told to tolerate censorship and the intolerant.These narratives must be challenged. We have to give back double and ” punch back twice as hard” because the odds are against us.

david and goliath by erik bragalyan

david and goliath
by erik bragalyan