New Zealand must not imitate Canada’s assimilation methods


Obama as a Borg and Resistance Is Futile

It is very important that immigrants assimilate into their new country’s culture. The Borg from the T.V show Star Trek, are seen as evil because they assimilate by force and because assimilation is total. There is no remnant of the original culture left by the time they have finished and they can no longer think for themselves as they have a hive mind. Their catch cry is ” Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.” ?

In Canada, Trudeau’s Liberals are hard at work ensuring that assimilation occurs. They ?have been very successful in their attempts to ensure assimilation between Syrian refugee children and Canadian children. The problem is that the children were given no choice in the matter. They were forced to follow the new culture’s laws. Their families are not happy about it as the new culture’s laws are very different to those of their own country.

As you have been reading this you will have assumed that the families I am talking about are the families of the Syrian refugee children. If you assumed that you are wrong. ?The children that have been forced to assimilate into the ?laws of the new culture are in fact the Canadian children.

Instead of expecting the Syrian refugee children to learn Canadian culture the Canadian children have been forced to follow sharia law. ?It is reverse assimilation where the minority culture is allowed to dominate the majority. ?New Zealand ?must never follow this path ?and it is frightening ?that Trudeau’s government thinks that this is acceptable.

The Trudeau Liberals asked?the University of Regina to expand their existing summer program to include Syrian refugee children.This could have been a great opportunity to introduce refugee children to Canadian culture.Instead the administration of the school decided to introduced Canadian children to sharia values.

They have segregated the boys and girls who on past summer camps used to have the freedom to swim together.

In essence the University of Regina chose to introduce Canadian children to Muslim culture rather than to introduce the Syrian children to Canadian culture.They are enforcing the sharia law of segregation.That is gender apartheid. That?s not the Canadian way and they are forcing this segregation on Canadian children.

This sort of “assimilation” is happening all over Canada. New Zealand needs to make sure that we put a stop to sharia values coming to New Zealand. Every attempt at gender segregation in our swimming pools,our schools and our universities must be ruthlessly squashed. ?Every attempt at reverse assimilation must not be tolerated. ?We need to make it loud and clear to our government that we will not be assimilated by a foreign culture and that our resistance is not futile because we will vote out any government that supports it.