Five reasons why Shariah law is not “Progressive”

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Here are five key reasons why Sally Kohn ?is at best naive and at worst a pathological liar.

Shariah law Progressive? Don’t make me laugh.


Reason one 😕Sharia law ?discriminates against women.

  • A woman’s testimony is worth half a man’s in Islam.
  • A woman’s marriage contract is between her husband and her male guardian.
  • A woman gets half the inheritance of her male siblings.
  • A woman can not obtain a divorce easily unlike a man.
  • Child custody goes to the father at a preset age even if the Father is abusive.
  • Women who remarry lose custody of their children.

The above examples don’t mention stoning for the crime of being raped or public flogging for wearing un -Islamic dress. Other issues include Shariah law not ?giving women justice for marital rape, honour killings or domestic violence.In Pakistan there have been 300 cases of women who have been burned with acid but their husbands have not been charged.


Reason Two: Sharia discriminates against children.

?Top of the list is child marriage. Under Sharia law, a girl is eligible for marriage as soon as a girl begins her first period.?

Other discrimination against children that must be considered is the lack of exposure to different ideas and thoughts. Children from an Islamic background are often taught to close their minds to new ideas and some are brought up to hate their Jewish, Christian and Hindu classmates, as well as any gay students in their class.

…one can grab any school curriculum from an Islamic state see how it restricts critical thinking and any questioning of religious doctrine.

Homosexuals Hanged in open roads of Iran for being Gay- SHARIA LAW strikes again! | The Rising Soul

Homosexuals Hanged in open roads of Iran for being Gay- SHARIA LAW strikes again! | The Rising Soul

Reason Three: Sharia discriminates against homosexuals.

Homosexuality is forbidden in most Islamic states with punishments ranging from a fine or public flogging to life imprisonment. Ten Islamic states impose a death penalty for homosexuals, including Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi-Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Yemen and some states in Malaysia.

Reason Four:?Sharia discriminates against non-Muslims.

Sharia discriminates against non-Muslims, including other sects within Islam.

…Non-Muslims are subjected to extra taxes (‘Jezya’) and are afforded fewer rights in civic and family matters.

Reason Five:Sharia discriminates against non-believers, atheists and apostates.

It truly disgusts me that apostasy and blasphemy laws are still in practice in some regions of the world. Did you know that free thinking and freedom of speech are a crime punishable by death, public flogging and imprisonment in the 21st century? I have seared in my memory the brutal persecutions and executions of many atheists and scientists for the simple crime of critical thinking.

…Countries like Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen implement the death penalty for those who renounce or criticize Islam, but they also punish anyone who is progressive, liberal or wishes to think freely and live a modern, 21st century life.