Another nasty SJW attack on My Food Bag

My Food Bag has been attacked on social media before and I wrote about it at the time. Now an ex-political?journalist who works for New Zealand’s largest union and describes herself as a “Union spin doctor,” has instigated another nasty attack.


One of the social justice warriors Dave Phillips, who shares?Jessica William’s bandwagon has “Union Thug” on his facebook profile. I think this neatly sums up the calibre and motivation of the people involved in this hit on a reputable business. The photo of him includes a badge that reads “Die Scab




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Not only is Jessica Williams using social media to attack ?Talleys and My Food bag she is also proudly retweeting the tweets of those she has successfully?spin doctored into boycotting their service.Their crime? Buying a product from a company Jessica William’s employer is hostile towards.

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The last retweet is from a typical SJW who doesn’t think about the real life consequences of boycotts. When you hurt businesses in the pocket you hurt workers whether they are members of a union or not. SJWs say they are supporting Talley workers with their boycotts of Talleys and My Food bag but it is Talley workers and My Food Bag workers who will suffer reduced hours or job losses if their businesses revenue is reduced.

Unions that encourage their members to tell others to not buy their employer’s products are fools. They are telling their members to hurt their employer by cutting their own wrists. It is yet another example showing that Unions are large dinosaurs with a very small brain.


I wrote to My Food Bag to offer them Whaleoil’s support and was pleased to learn that they have chosen to stand up to the Social Justice Warriors in a very polite and reasonable way.

Dear Juana
Thank you for your support of My Food Bag and your comments on current Union interest in My Food Bag?s supplier relationship with Talley?s.
Talley?s is one of more than 200 suppliers accepted in our Approved Supplier Programme.? This ensures that our suppliers meet our requirements across a range of categories
The sustainability and ethical requirements suppliers must adhere to are both comprehensive and designed to ensure they conform not only legally but also to what our customers expect from us.
In addition to other food safety, ingredient and operational requirements, the sustainability and ethical requirements that My Food Bag suppliers must adhere to are as follows:
-????????????? Exclusive use of free range, free farmed or wild meat and animal products;
-????????????? Fair worker remuneration, and labour rights;
-????????????? Suppliers operate an approved Health and Safety policy under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, or subsequent legislation;
-????????????? Bribery and corruption free business practices;
-????????????? Seafood procured in line with the NZ?s Quota Management System (QMS);
-????????????? Products free of harmful preservatives and/or additives
-????????????? No frozen butchery, poultry, or seafood products unless specifically approved.
Sustainability pervades everything we do at My Food Bag and suppliers are required to support us in this.
Following recent complaints about Talley?s employee relations we met with Talley?s management and they agreed to an independent ethical trade?audit of the company?s operations.?
The audit was completed by SEDEX and we for now we are satisfied Talley?s is conforming to My Food Bag?s standards and New Zealand laws with regards to current health and safety of Talley?s employees. The company?s business ethics have also been cleared.?
The green light is welcome news.? Not only does it reassure us that we can we continue to work with a local company but also it confirms our sustained support of the Kiwi farmers who supply them.