At best Calum Penrose is a fantasist


Calum Penrose is one of the terrible ten who voted for the 9.9% rates rise, and now he is trying to say he and John Walker delivered the three laning of the Southern Motorway, and the improvements at Takanini Interchange.

We want to see proof that Penrose and Walker can actually make this claim. We want to see Cabinet Papers, Treasury Papers, Ministry of Transport papers or NZTA Papers showing that these two are justified in their claims. Otherwise it is a $268m fairy tale.


via Scoop

State Highway infrastructure is the responsibility of central government. Auckland Council hates roads and its councillors have spent years pleading for more money for Len Brown?s City Rail Link. Claims by Penrose and Walker that they are widening New Zealand’s State Highway network are desperate and deluded.

We?ll be covering more of this race in the next few weeks as the tip-line is running white hot with information from young women who used to work at a certain bakery.