Australian Muslim Activist decided to prove that the poll results were wrong

I wrote recently about a poll in Australia?where the question was posed, ?Do you support banning Muslim Immigration??. The not surprising result (given what has been happening in Australia)?was that 49% Australians said ” Yes.” Like with Brexit a lot of Lefties were not happy with the result of the poll and blamed the result on the fact that only 1,000 people were polled. A second poll was taken?but it got?exactly the same result.

What?s happened next was fascinating. Mariam Veiszadeh, of ?Islamaphobia Register of Australia? infamy, refused to believe the results so commissioned her own poll on Twitter. She proposed exactly the same question and more than 40,000 people have responded to the poll.

Currently, the results are:

Australia’s race discrimination commissioner (like our Susan Devoy) was quick to blame the result on “racism and bigotry.” The main reason selected for not supporting further Muslim immigration in the poll was the view that the Islamic community doesn?t integrate into Australian society. 41% gave that as their main reason.

That is not a racist or bigoted view of immigrants. That is a legitimate concern based on the difference between Muslim immigration and immigration by non-Muslims. Australia is a nation of immigrants who have successfully integrated into Australian society. It has nothing to do with race as Christian or Athiest people from the same countries do successfully integrate. The difference is clearly the ideology that Muslims follow. The Australian people are right to be concerned. It doesn’t matter how many polls Mariam Veiszadeh runs or how many times people are called racist or bigoted for having these views. It won’t change the reality. The support in the elections for Pauline Hanson and her party One Nation is hard evidence of that.

The really sad thing is that New Zealand politicians may not step up until New Zealand is at the point Australia is at now. Despite all the evidence of the destructive nature of Islam to Western society, they are currently doing little to prevent it. I have asked both John Key and Winston Peters for a guest post on Islamic immigration since?David Seymour’s post did so well and provoked a lot of discussion. Will either of them front up like David did? Only time will tell. It is a conversation we as a Nation have to have.