Can vs Can’t

Been thinking of Chloe King’s rant about low paid workers and her PTSD from being a waitress in a bar (I’m not kidding…she thinks she has PTSD from working in a bar).

Here’s the thing…lefties think you get a job and you stay in it forever.

Normal people do loads of jobs, it’s called experience.

The problem I see here is that lefties demand increased pay for no reason whatsoever and produce retarded logic like “oh the boss gets squillions so why can’t I”. There is no concept of value, there is no concept of improved productivity, it is just an expectation of a pay raise for no other reason than turning up.

Look at her reasoning:

Okay, I am one of the hundreds of thousands of low waged workers in this country and I feel devastated by his comments which further included stating we, the apparently lazy and low waged workers, also have no work ethic.

Oh cry me a river. She’d be upset and devastated if someone just looked at her.

Most low waged workers who I know are some of the hardest working people you will ever meet. We undertake multiple jobs, which is hard, I promise you, and we have no choice other than to do this. There has been a major rise in the casualised and part-time economy, and full-time work is almost impossible to come by. We are left stitching multiple jobs together to make up full-time work. We give up our nights, days and weekends to pour your pints, flip your burgers, to serve food we can’t afford ourselves, and to clean your damn toilets. Yeah, you know all those jobs people don’t want to do? We do them. We work twice as hard as CEOs and workers considered “highly skilled,” for measly paychecks in high stress environments, and we endure the poverty shaming which comes with underappreciated low waged work. Being poor is to incur ridicule and constant put-downs from strangers, people we know, the mainstream media, and now, even our own political leaders.

Where to even begin with that ranting. You give up your nights…boo hoo. YOU work hard…yes that is what you are paid for.  As for the work twice as hard as the CEO?  

Oh Puulease, ever heard of risk, stress etc. A worker will never be prosecuted by the FMA, the SFO or the OSH crowds….its always the directors, CEOs and senior management….there is significant risk to be in those positions…and they are recompensed for that.

The problem I have with such mentality is the left assumes everyone is the same and everyone thinks their way. Most of us don’t. They also assume that if someone is rich they are born into it or got some cushy arrangement to get there.  One insult that is always hurled at me is that my Dad is rich…without even knowing where he came from. Let me tell you. The son of a ratbag who ditched his family and left them without a stick of furniture in the house. He took a job at age 15 at a butchers shop and didn’t take wages, he took meat so his family could eat. He was in a solo parent family in an era where that was stigma and raised in a  state house in Mt Roskill. At 16 he was booted out by his mother’s new boyfriend and went to live with his grandfather and mother. A war veteran and a wife. In the sixth form the school approached his mother to get them to pay for seventh form so he could go to university…they refused, his step-father saying he needed to work not study. So Dad left school and studied accountancy. Abandoned by his father, chucked out and ignored by his mother…he went to tech. That was how my father started out. There was no silver spoon, only heartbreak, and poverty. If he was a lefty he would write a wailing blog post about how hard done he was…My old man is made of sterner stuff than that. He got on in life.

If I look at my life and the jobs I’ve done you can see a pattern too.
I worked evenings in the bakery cleaning up at Foodtown while at school. I was in the Army to fund university…and there aren’t that many jobs harder or nastier than an infantryman. I was also a waiter in Hamilton, and then one in Auckland working nights.

Then I worked in the National bank and started in the room that checked all the cheques that came back from the processing centre, teller, suspense returns, lending, basically every shitty mundane and crappy soul-sapping job in the place. I once spent 4 weeks working in the basement tracing cheques for a famous fraud case.

You’re supposed to work your way up, that was the way I saw it. I didn’t have a degree, it was my only option. But I always looked for avenues to advance, if not in pay then in skills. After ten years in the bank I left to embark on an IT and sales career. I worked my way up there too. Eventually, I left a $150k a year job in Sydney because I hated it and I was spending too much time in airports and working myself to the bone. I didn’t have anything to go to, I just resigned on Monday and flew back to Auckland on Friday.

I didn’t work for 4 months and was then offered two jobs. One was a $200k a year job at Telecom and the other was $30k a year plus unlimited commission.

I took the $30k a year plus commission. I significantly dropped my base salary and took a risk that I’d learn to sell…if I didn’t then I’d starve.

No lefty would do that…they want a sure thing.

No lefty would start a blog and make it pay and make it so successful that someone would commit a crime in order to try and bring them down and pass that information to a political activist to write a book about how successful they’d been at controlling and manipulating the media and political narrative in this country.

And no lefty would look to take on MSM with no government subsidies and build a new news organisation from the ground up. That project is still underway, but I will succeed at it because I never give up. I never gave up when depression laid me low for 7 years. They were the darkest and most awful years of my life, but from that financial and emotional wreckage, you see what you see in me now. We lost everything to depression. All our houses, all our money. If you want to know how determined I am then just ask Fidelity Life who I fought for six years to honour their contract.

So, Chole King will always serve in bars and get PTSD from it…and people like me will rule the world because we never give up, we never expect anything, and we are not entitled.

People love making excuses for the shit they find themselves in as is evidenced by Chloe King’s whining. Usually, it is self-inflicted

There are thousands of stories of people who were born in state houses and go on to greatness, my Dad is one of those. He grew up in a state house and went on to be President of the ruling National party and a successful businessman respected by his peers. He could easily have blamed his birthright and his poverty and stayed like that.

The thing is I’ve done shitty and low paid jobs but the key difference is I moved on.

Chloe King is either incapable of it or has a severe entitlement disability. There are people who look at life and the possibilities it brings and others who wallow in self-pity and go nowhere.

I look at a rich bastard and I say to myself…hmm..I wonder how he got there…and how can I do it?

They look and spit “Rich Prick!” at him.

Here’s Chloe’s  problem…

Chloe King is an artist and human rights activist from New Zealand, Auckland but moved to Melbourne in 2013. She undertook five years of study in Visual Arts and Art and Design at AUT, graduating with a Post Graduate Dip.

She thinks she is qualified but the only thing she is qualified for is finger painting, and she wonders why she can’t get paid.

Instead of blaming others for her shitty life she needs to look in the mirror.

I always look for what can be done, others like Chloe look for what can’t be done. I remember a Singaporean programmer who once told me, in ‘Singlish’, in response to a question about whether he could fix some code or not “Can can, cannot also can”. I have remembered that one statement for nearly 16 years because it is so true. We all “can” but we can all also “cannot”.

Listen to a person’s words, that gives them away always.

I took two months off, I guess with this post I can safely say I’m back.

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