Caption Contest


You know what to do, nice, not nasty.  Give the moderators a day off.  Use the link provided or use photoshop and then share the results below.  



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  • Carl


  • Big_Al

    Just a thought…

  • Nechtan
  • Andy Garner
  • Andy Garner

    Dumb and Dumberer……………

  • Boondecker

    Leftie inspired…

  • cows4me

    Progressives ?

  • Keeping Stock

    Just remember folks; we are paying for this…

  • Spiker
    • Spiker

      this time..

  • wilson


  • EveryWhichWayButLeft

    Easy mistake to make..

  • Korau
  • Nechtan
  • Herbert Charles


  • Digger

    In five years time no-one is going to remember Trudeau or that other fella…
    (Go on, see how many Canadian Prime Ministers you can name. Freebie: Trudeau counts as two)

  • Lux

    Justin for a bustin’

  • Lux

  • Davo42

    Angry Andy’s idea of a foreign trade deal……

  • BigNose