Colin Craig cross examined about the interview he had with himself about himself

Readers may remember that Mr Craig published a booklet where he had an interview. ?In this interview, he played three roles. ?The interviewer, the person being interviewed, and the person the interviewer and interviewee spoke about.

All three of them being Mr Craig, of course.

Craig as Interviewer: “Colin Craig is not in office.”

Craig as Mr X: “Well no but he nearly … got there last time. He gets votes and the media love him so that qualifies him to be a target.”

Craig as Interviewer: “Craig says he has been getting pretty positive feedback from supporters.”

Craig as Mr X: “Yeah well maybe he says that but … don’t forget they are mostly a bunch of bigots, they will dump him, just wait and see. Most media have already written him and the party off.”

Craig as Interviewer: “So there is no way back for Craig after this?”

Craig as Mr X: “No chance … well OK there is a chance but only because he is freakish under pressure and he seems to be largely unphased [sic] by this whole thing.”

Mr Craig has been questioned by QC Peter McKnight today to establish what exactly Mr Craig… the real person sitting on the stand, believes. ? We may all be forgiven for finding it somewhat difficult to figure it out when Mr Craig calls his own voters “bigots” if he truly holds that belief or he’s just pretending. ??

During cross examination at the High Court at Auckland on Monday, Williams’ lawyer Peter McKnight put to Craig that the interview was “reckless and dishonest”.

Craig disputed that, saying he had paraphrased people like political strategist Simon Lusk and WhaleOil blogger Cameron Slater.

“I guess some people would view a nom de plume as dishonest … it’s a literary device,” Craig said.

“I was taking what other people had said to me in conversation, their view points. I didn’t necessarily agree with all of the view points that were being put forward in this interview.

“What I’m trying to do here is express opinions people have about Dirty Politics. Some of them I don’t agree with.”

McKnight asked him about a sentence where “Mr X” says “the media love [Craig]”.

“Do you want to be loved?” McKnight asked him.

“I’d like the media to show me a little more love in their reporting,” Craig replied.

McKnight then asked about “Mr X” describing Craig as being “freakish under pressure”.

Craig said that was a phrase his friend used to describe him.

“Are you freakish?” McKnight asked.

“I don’t know if I’d go that far,” Craig said.


As this is a jury trial, they will be the ultimate decision makers on that.

The trial is in its third week, and Mr Craig is the first defense witness. ?Others still to come to defend a man accused of alleged sexual harassment include his wife Helen, blogger Martyn Bradbury and re-publisher of stolen emails, Nicky Hager.


Kelly Dennett, Stuff