Convicted blackmailer and tax fraudster rides again…with Penny “Not so” Bright for a sidekick

Serial litigant, convicted blackmailer and tax fraudster Graeme McCready is at it again, this time on behalf of ratbag rates dodger Penny Bright.

NBR reports:

Self-styled anti-corruption public watchdog Penny Bright has upped the ante in her fight with Auckland Council to have its books opened before she pays her rates.

She has enlisted serial litigant Graham McCready who will take a private prosecution against council chief executive Stephen Town under the Public Records Act.

The draft charging document, served on Mr Town by fax, alleges he has committed an offence under the act by refusing to allow Ms Bright access to the list of contracts let by the council, the amount of each and details of the successful bidder.

The document claims Mr Town failed to let Ms Bright access the public records, despite several formal requests to do so over several years and ?has therefore knowingly and willingly breached the act.? ?

It is the first time a prosecution has been taken under the act?which, according to the charging document?s brief summary, is to enable the government to be held accountable for ensuring full and accurate records of the affairs of central and local government are created and maintained, providing the preservation of the records and enhancing public confidence in the integrity of public and local authority records.

Anybody committing an offence under the act can be fined up to $5000.

Mr McCready told NBR Radio the council has no right to deny people access to public records as it is spending public money.

Mr McCready, a retired accountant who has been convicted of blackmail and tax fraud, is well known for taking private prosecutions mainly in cases he has no connection with on a personal level.

Penny Bright is a ratbag. She needs to pay her rates. She is posturing on a premise that is a lost cause.

As for McCready, the sooner he is prevented from taking litigation the better. The man is a menace and a bully, he just likes using court processes to cause harm.