Guest post: Losi Filipo


I’m sure you’ve been keeping an eye on this Losi Filipo case.

Like most people, I was ready to lynch the kid on Monday. However…. the more I look at things and talk to people, the more some things don’t add up

There are two significant ‘issues’ with Mr Morgan’s story. Firstly – he was never in line for a Wellington contract. He was a middling club player and definitely no star. He also played No8 or blindside flanker, and there’s no shortage of them in Wellington. Tellingly he was never previously part of any grade side

Secondly – his claim that the head injuries ended his career…. well take a look and draw your own conclusions.


The next question is – Wellington is crawling with CCTV cameras. If this assault was an unprovoked as claimed, why not show the footage? Word is that what that shows is far closer to events in Losi’s statement to Police, rather than the story being peddled by the MSM this week.

And it’s not being released because apparently MORGAN’s lawyer has an injunction preventing it. If that’s true…. then I wonder why?

As for why one of the women got hit, well that’s probably because she hit one of the brothers with a bottle!

Both Filipo brothers admitted their actions, don’t deny what they did, and plead guilty in advance.

The MSM have spun one heck of a sob story…. and its fairly far from the real truth.

Both Filipo brothers admitted their actions, don’t deny what they did, and plead guilty in advance. Both were also offered the opportunity to press changes against the ‘victims’ but declined. They simply want to move past what happened.


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  • raumatirover

    Word is that the older Filipo made moves on one of the girls whose boyfriend then told him, in so many words, to bugger off. What we do know is that the Filipo brothers crossed the street and approached the party. They initiated the physical altercation. If the woman hit one of the brothers with a bottle it was probably when she was trying to protect her boyfriend when Losi was stomping on his head.

    • biscuit barrel

      “Word is that what that shows is far closer to events in Losi’s statement to Police”
      And his statement to Police is available ?

  • Jude

    The violence in this case was appalling, but I agree, if there is more to this than meets the eye then the truth should come out.
    A self defence situation is entirely different to the unprovoked attack that has been widely reported.
    Sometimes suppression of facts does more harm than good IMHO.

  • Si1970

    I discussed this with a mate last night over a beer. He reckons the link between the original journalist and the victim(s) needs clarity as things just don’t smell right. Leaving aside that stomping on someone’s head needs a punishment that is more than a simple slap on the wrist.

    • John Phillips

      It is no less than attempted murder.

  • Des

    Yep unfortunately it’s just part of the media and Labour party strategy to discredit the government. Expect a lot more of this type of “reporting” over the next 12 months. You can already see the patterns emerging, Housing, Poverty, Crime, Hospitals, rinse and repeat. The MSM will whip each issue they find to death, then “uncover” something else for the plebs to get outraged by.

  • Miss McGerkinshaw

    “And it’s not being released because apparently MORGAN’s lawyer has an injunction preventing it. If that’s true…. then I wonder why?”
    I wonder how can he be allowed to supress evidence? Or is it just public release of the CCT and it was used in the trial?

    • The Doorman

      there would be no trail, if as said above they pleaded guilty,

    • Not Clinically Insane

      No trial – both brothers plead guilty. And without that happening the CCTV footage wont be seen

  • biscuit barrel

    Could be another story of a young up and coming sports star who one nights out drinking goes off the rails, we see it all the time for rowing, tennis, soccer…. Stop right there. We only see this for young rugby players , maybe league ?
    Then there is the list of 15 players at provincial and national level who were discharged without conviction, just a representative mix of our teams…….stop right there. The names suggested all were polynesian or maori background.
    Lets face it , thuggery is now endemic among those in rugby and league, and smashing players is a big part of the appeal, and smashing others on a Friday night is part of that.

  • Weju

    Regardless of everything that happened the brothers were the perpetrators – provoked or unprovoked and they were or had been drinking and pleaded guilty. If that was not the case they should have fought it as they have that right. But I don’t want my grandson to see that one of his potential rugby idols can beat someone up and get away with it to speak. It is a complex matter and whilst I cheer inside at the result I am saddened deep down that this talented lad has got hold of and appears to be in the grips of booze at 17. If he does eventually move ahead then this is just the beginning young man. Please, please walk away from it.
    My heartfelt support and unconditional love goes to the victims and you know what doesn’t kill us makes us strong. – don’t let this be the benchmark of your life you are al good strong people and WILL go on to be good folk. Kia Kaha Aroha.

  • Crookednose

    This could be heading back to court so remove this if necessary.

    I work with the cousin of one of the (female) victims. According to her, Losi came up from behind, grabbed her by the throat, and punched her in the face. Simple as that. The rest of the attack spun out from there.
    The only thing they can put it down to is the fact that a nice looking Island girl was talking/flirting with a couple of white boys and Losi didn’t take too kindly too it. Spin that any way you want.
    At the end of the day, the Judge was (is) useless, and the moron should be doing time.
    On a personal note, from past experience, I could almost guarantee he will have past form for doing similar. Be it at school as an untouchable member of the first XV or in a similar situation (on the town leering it up). He would’ve done this before and you know what? It was probably brushed under the carpet in a similar way (especially at School level).

  • biscuit barrel

    We have to look at the idea ‘they pleaded guilty at the first opportunity’- A case doesnt take a year till sentence if you plead guilty first up.
    It seems to me they pleaded not guilty first and then got their ducks all lined up and had ‘discussions with the police prosecutors’ about what it would take to change from a not guilty and a trial to a guilty plea. Sometimes charges are downgraded, other times prosecution facts are winnowed out to make it look less than it was.
    the judge only see the final edited story and of course every one from a few years ago saying how great ‘they were’

  • nudgy

    A discharge without conviction covers the situation where the consequences of being convicted far outweigh the seriousness of the offence. In this case punching a woman in the face and stomping on someones head was considered by the judge to be not serious enough to put an end to a young man’s promising rugby career. This is of course utter nonsense and cannot be allowed to stand as a future sentencing benchmark. We can only hope the Appeal Court will see things in a different light.