Isuzu D-Max – More pull than a 14 year old school boy

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The other night after court I had picked up my usual from my favourite dodgy kebab shop and was heading home. In the evening I like to take the scenic route home along the waterfront and as I came up to the boat ramp I saw that there were a truck and boat down near the water. Then a fellow wearing a life jacket flagged me down and asked if I could help them get out of the sand and water.

Sure I said. First, I asked if they had chains and/or a snatch strap or at worst a rope. I have all that gear and if they didn’t then I would have to go home first. It turns out they did have a rather long snatch?strap.

The tide was coming in and periodically people do get trapped in the sand. It is a constant source of amusement living at the beach to see this happen.

These guys, however, were in a spot more bother. The truck…something like a Toyota Dyna or a Mitsubishi Canter was in up to its axles at the back end, water sloshing over the wheels. The boat was basically floating with the trailer attached.

In less than 3o minutes the truck would be underwater.

I’m currently driving the Isuzu D-Max LX double cab manual from my mates at Southern Autos, the most basic model there is. I do have Bridgestone Dueler tires on it, but they are hardly off-road, and this was going to be a tough pull. Wet and grabby sand up to the axles, plus a boat and trailer.


Fortunately, the snatch strap was sufficiently long enough that I could start from semi-dry sand but right in front of the boat ramp it is still like liquefaction if you don’t get it right. I drove down and turned around. I dialed up low range 4WD.


One of the fishermen attached the grab strap to the manual parking distance control device, otherwise known as a towbar. After a quick check of the instructions for the driver, I set about a slow pull out of the sand.

Initially, the back wheels dug in a bit as the weight came on but then the front wheels took over and then I felt all the wheels grabbing and pulling and slowly the truck and boat came out of the water. I drove up the boat ramp until they were on hard dry sand and stopped.

The D-Max didn’t even strain?or struggle. It had just pulled a decent sized truck, boat, and trailer out of the?sand when they were buried up to their axles and the tide over the back wheels. It had taken less than 5 minutes and my dodgy kebab sitting on the passenger seat was still piping hot.

Turns out the guys I rescued were from Fiji…so a quick chat ensued then I buggered off to have my dinner.

This D-Max maybe the billy basic model but it is seriously impressive when completing the tasks it is designed from the ground up to do.

As the title says these trucks pull like a 14-year-old school boy.

If you want a real man’s truck that can do real tough things then go see my mates at Southern Autos and tell them Cam sent you. They will look after you for sure.