It appears if you vote for Len 2.0 you get Len 1.0 thrown in

phil goff like len brown zipper up

As we predicted here at Whaleoil voting for Phil Goff just means it is the same as Len, but with his pants up.

Now it appears that Phil Goff intends to give a job to Len Brown to keep him in the trough.

Labour MP Phil Goff is not ruling out a job for outgoing Auckland mayor Len Brown if he wins the mayoralty, but says it is very unlikely in the short-term.

Goff told the Herald he has had no discussions with Brown and made no promises “full-stop”. ?

“I have not given consideration at all to any employment for the outgoing mayor,” he said.

But when pushed about a rumour he had promised a post-election job to Brown in exchange for stepping down, Goff would not definitively rule out a job in the future for the mayor.

Goff said if a job came up during his time as mayor he would choose the best person based on merit, including former mayors.

A mayoral spokesman said Brown has not had any discussions with any of the candidates about the matter and was not considering any council related role post-election.

This is the first real mistake Phil Goff has made with his campaign.

He should have issued a categoric no to these rumours and scotched them immediately.

Now people will just assume that if they vote for Phil you get Len as some sort of booby prize and you?ll get more of the same.? That means?more money out of your pocket.


– NZ Herald