It is clear now that terrorism can only be performed by ISIS

What’s in a name?

A powerful explosion that injured dozens of people on a busy Manhattan street, shattered glass and damaged cars was caused by a deliberately planted bomb, New York leaders have said, though there was some dispute over whether the blast constituted an act of terror.

The bomb, which was planted in or near a large dumpster on 23rd Street in Chelsea, exploded at around 8.30pm on a bustling and warm Saturday night, injuring 29 people and sending others fleeing in fear. The dumpster itself was reduced to a twisted, burnt heap.

Around three hours later, police discovered a second device – what appeared to be a modified pressure cooker – just four blocks away on 27th Street in the same neighbourhood.

Terrifying, but not terror.

The bombing also followed the explosion of a pipe bomb in a garbage bin earlier on Saturday in the neighbouring state of New Jersey, which was located on the route of a charity run scheduled for that day.

No one has been arrested over the New York bombing, nor has any group such as IS claimed responsibility

So no terrorism. ? They didn’t go off, nobody got killed, and nobody has taken responsibility for botching it up. ?So no terror.

“There is no international groups that have put out any statements, connecting them with this action … we find no ISIS connection.”

But New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner James O’Neill were more cautious in their language, declining to call the bombing a terrorist act at a separate press conference a few hours later, and saying investigations were still ongoing as to who planted it and why.

“It was intentional, it was a violent act, it was certainly a criminal act,” said de Blasio

Probably just another mentally ill person then.


– Reuters via Stuff